How to create cover art file for each track of a compilation

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How to create cover art file for each track of a compilation

Post by simonmason » Mon Jan 21, 2013 12:10 pm

I have a bunch of compilation albums that I am trying to manage cover art before feeding to my music server. The server needs a separate cover art file for each track of the compilation named Artist - Album. I select the entire album in MM and go to cover art properties and paste the image in. I check the box "Apply to all files in the Album/Series" but it seems to only create the cover art file for the track I am currently viewing. In the Add Artwork box it displays the actual filename of the first first track in the list and not replacement variables. I thought it would step through the files one by one and save them but it only saves the one copy of the cover art. Image location is set to Save Image to File Folder. In options I have Image filename both options set to <Artist> - <Album>.jpg.

Album Artist is the same for all tracks - this is set to "Various Artists" - another requirement of my media server.

Is it possible to have MM save a copy of the cover art for each track on the compilation? Thanks.

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Re: How to create cover art file for each track of a compila

Post by Lowlander » Mon Jan 21, 2013 12:19 pm

You'll have to do it per track not per Album if you need Artwork per file (which sounds like strange requirement).
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Re: How to create cover art file for each track of a compila

Post by rovingcowboy » Tue Jan 22, 2013 12:39 am

not that strange lowlander it is what i got with most of my various artist albums when mm just refused to make albums right back in mm 3's first few versions. so i let them stay that way now i got thousands of one song albums with about 20 songs each on the same album but one artist on each song makes one song albums.
mediamonkey will group all the songs together on the album node if you select the option for him to create album's from song lists with same album name.

but simonmason you might just want to go with one cover for each artist you can selet each artist that way and forget about doing dozens of songs a single song at a time.
you would have to make sure all the songs have the same album name if on the same album so mm could do the grouping of them.
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Re: How to create cover art file for each track of a compila

Post by rrfpacker » Tue Jan 22, 2013 9:43 am

Tell us again your album title, please. If I read it correctly you name the album "Artist - Album". How do you do that with a comp. album? I think the album name needs to be the same for all tracks you are trying to tag with art.

I group singles together in groups and name the album something/anything that makes sense to me. Then I find a cover that makes sense to me, too. Then I tag them the same way you do.

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