re-scan files

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re-scan files

Post by seed_or_die »

i have been working for about a year getting a library of approx 40,000 flac files tagged properly. i do not update the tag's when editing them because i do not want to modify the original files in any way.

anyway, what i did (accidentally...kind of) was managed to delete the genres for approx 10,000 tracks from the .db. i want them back, so i can start getting them to my liking, but cannot fully rescan the files for tags as it will destroy all the other tagging i have also done. is there a way i can rescan the files updating a certain field only, or just empty field?

thanks for any replies!
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Re: re-scan files

Post by Lowlander »

No, this is not possible.

Workaround is to scan files into another program or clean MM DB, the create Playlists per Genre and use that in your current MM to update DB values (make backup of current MM DB prior to attempting this).
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