Custom Field - Track Count

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Custom Field - Track Count

Post by CityZen »

Long time user first post, as I am really starting to get into the keep you media tidy idea.

Long story short I want a custom filed/column that shows the number of tracks in an album in the library. So if I have three tracks from an album it will show as three track for each entry. I want this to help with cleaning and/or completing my library.

I have done a few searches but the whole custom field bit goes over my head.

Thanks in advance
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Re: Custom Field - Track Count

Post by rovingcowboy »

what you are asking for is a column that allows you to set a rule to show albums of only certian numbers of tracks.

umm? you could use custom field and place the number of the tracks per album in it. so the rule would be if custom field = 3
then that rule would show all the custom fields songs that match that number 3.
you would end up with all the albums you want shown having only 3 songs but you would also see all the songs in the playlist.
so you would also need to set up the sort rule to show by album a - z
then you would see all the songs per album order.

that route does mean you need to go through your library and add the number in the custom field you are using for each song.
and you would need rules for different playlists of each tracks per album from 1 to 50 if you have multiple disk albums.
that is a lot of typing and a long time to set it up for huge library's

maybe there is something you can do with the script magic nodes. i don't use that script but it is a very powerful one hopefuly some one that uses it will be along and answer you shortly. 8)
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Re: Custom Field - Track Count

Post by Lowlander »

If you want to manually add this data just add it to a custom field of choice (custom fields work the same way as other fields).
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Re: Custom Field - Track Count

Post by DavidRTurner »

I'd like to find this as well...

And no, he was not asking for a column to set a rule, showing certain numbers of tracks to be manually populated.
He was then (and I am now) looking for a way to use (or customize) a column that displays the track-count of an album (for all tracks in that album).

Albums named "100 Greatest... whatever" should have 100 tracks.
If they have 99, then "99" would populate that field for all the 99 tracks.

Essentially, a script to scan albums, count existing tracks, and populate this field with that number.
ADDITIONALLY, it would be cool to have a script check the highest track # (that is, what it might expect the number of tracks to be), and populate the field with that number; and populate a 2nd field with the above actual number of tracks.
So - the goal is to see, by sorting on these fields, what albums are short some tracks.

Of course, this is limited to whatever actually exists in the collection - an album with highest track # of 16, and a total of 14 tracks on the computer, won't tell you that the album should actually have 18 tracks... but that's a much more ambitious dbase query...

I'm guessing this is possible, as I have a "Missing Tracks" field in a Tagging Inconsistencies script.
But while this script must count (something like the highest track #), it simply identifies the album as missing something, not actually showing a count of the tracks. (I'll have to dig into it to see if it DOES count, and maybe tweak it a bit).

If something exists, great for any help - if anyone wants to work on it, even better... I'm only in a place where I can tweak existing scripts a little, not create new content.

Any help appreciated...
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