Question about DB location (dropbox)

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Question about DB location (dropbox)

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So I reformated my computer and sadly I didn't back up my DB. So now I have it on my Dropbox folder. I'm assuming this will prevent me from losing future autoplay list should/when I reformat my computer again?
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Re: Question about DB location (dropbox)

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I would not recommend that you share MediaMonkey Library with folder that is shared/synched with dropbox due the intensive access and update of MMW library as that can make instability and in worst cases library corruption.

I personally would not suggest any of commonly and often used files to be shared over DropBox even if you have stable 100/100Mbit connection with internet as it is still too slow.
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Re: Question about DB location (dropbox)

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The database does contain tag, Playlists and Play History data so backing it up should allow you to recover.
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