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Views (New user)

Post by aquatarkus »

Hi there hope someone can help me before i go completely mad and throw a wobbly.

Try to set up media monkey to show the Artist and then the albums by that artist in my music collection. i've looked and searched but don't seem to be able to find the answer i'm looking for.

I have all of my music on my sever the folders are structured in the following way

\Artist Name
\Album Name
1- Song.mp3 (or flac depending if download or rip)
2- Song.mp3

and so on. Most artists have multiple albums in the directory. All are correctly tagged using Tag & Rename the album artist field is the name of the artist unless its a compilation album in which case the album artist field is then set to Various Artists.

What i am trying to achieve is to show the individual artist and then the albums under that artist.
At the moment i can only seem to to have Artist & Album Artist as an option this then gives me an A to Z list of all my artists for instance showing under A i have AC-DC 10 albums, Adele 3 albums, Al Green 24 albums all listed together and so on

I want it to show as individual Artists and then the albums next to there name.

What gets even worse is if i click the arrow next to Artist & Album Artist i can then see all the artists that might only have 1 or 2 tracks from compilation albums i only want to see those listed under the compilation album they come from.

Choosing Album from the media tree seems to give me exactly the same view.
Am i being completely thick (not unusual), just missing something really obvious (again not that unusual) or can't i get the program to do what i want.
If means have to upgrade to mediamonkey gold then that's fine.

Many thanks for taking the time to read

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Re: Views (New user)

Post by nohitter151 »

I suppose you mean in the main file list you want to see a list of artists? That is not possible, in MM the main listing always shows tracks (or in the 'Album art' view, albums).

However you can use the tree with the "Album artist" node. Expand it for a list of Album artists, then expand any sub-node to reveal a list of albums by that Album artist. Clicking any Album then gives you a list of tracks from that album.
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Re: Views (New user)

Post by aquatarkus »

Hi there
thanks very much for your reply.
Unfortunately that's really not suitable to me. Think unless anyone else can offer a suggestion or help will have to uninstall media monkey and look for another alternative.
This limitation also explains the same issue in mediamonkey for Windows Metro (Windows 8 / 8.1).
Was hoping that could have same views of artists and their albums on main pc as can have on my HTPC using MBT or XBMC

Many thanks for your reply

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Re: Views (New user)

Post by Lowlander »

You could see if the Column Browser works for you.
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Re: Views (New user)

Post by sallenson »


Column Browser is definitely the way to go and it's hugely flexible.

If you click on any of the Media Tree selections on the LHS of your main window (and these are all customisable within Tools/Options/Library/Media Tree) you should then click on the Column Browser icon on the RHS side of the main window (by the Search input box).

From there you can right click on any of the columns and add/delete any of the views you need.

What I tend to have is Artist/Album columns for my Entire Library view and more complex views for certain other types (e.g. Classical).

If you then click on an Artist in the Colum Browser, you'll see all (and only) the albums for an Artist. I think that's what you're after.

The only slight snag is that the views don't appear to dynamically update if you make changes to tags/properties. But if you click on another view on the Media Tree and then reclick on the one you were looking at, the view repopulates properly.

Don't give up quite yet. All you want to do and more perfectly possible.

Shout if you get stuck again.


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