Manually Changing Track Volume

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Manually Changing Track Volume

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For the most part, I find the Analyze Volume function works well, but there are a few times when I want to adjust it manually. When I F2 at the Track Volume level, I'm able to edit the value, but for some reason it ignores what I change it to...example: I tried to change a value of +0.7 dB, when I highlight it and change it to 1, the value changes to +3.0 db. I enter -2, it changes to 0.0 dB. I've tried it with plus and minus signs and without, it just seems to put some random value there no matter what I enter. Is there something I'm missing? The weird thing is that I could swear I was able to do this with the first version of MediaMonkey I downloaded last year.

MM version: 4.1.0
Windows 7