File Type problem - MM4.1

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File Type problem - MM4.1

Post by Trev1 »

The latest versions of MM have files separated into file types such as 'Music' ; 'Classical Music' , etc.

But lately even when I change the 'type' from 'Music' to 'Classical Music' the file remains under the location of the 'Music' section on the Media Tree.

So then it is appearing twice - under the location of the 'Music' file type and 'Classical Music File' type ? ...when I only want it in one ('Classical Music File' type).

This has just happened lately as before when I changed the 'type' the file would disappear from one location (Music) and into another (Classical Music).

It is frustrating as I used to do a file count of just my 'Music' and just my 'Classical Music'. Now they are getting mixed up even though I have the file types correctly set.

Any fixes for this most appreciated.
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Re: File Type problem - MM4.1

Post by Lowlander »

By default the Music Collection now includes Music and Classical Music files. You can change this under File > Manage Collections (Gold feature).
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