Tagging audio library for NON-MUSIC, eg. audiobooks

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Tagging audio library for NON-MUSIC, eg. audiobooks

Post by norkle »

Have been combing through my audio library to improve it's tagging.

It's come time to deal with items that AREN'T MUSIC. For example, audiobooks, guided meditation, radio plays (hitchhikers anyone?), Children's stories, even family audio recordings.

Does anyone have suggestions for tagging? I know there is no standard way, but I'm hoping for suggestions of robust methods of including in FLAC tags that MediaMonkey (and ideally my Squeezebox/Logitech Media Server) can understand. I know MediaMonkey already classifies Audiobooks from the Genre, but my trouble is all the other types of non-music, and what other people have found successful.

Thanks, Richard.
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Re: Tagging audio library for NON-MUSIC, eg. audiobooks

Post by Lowlander »

Tag it the same way as music (all audio has the same tags). Type is an internal mechanism that you can manually assign in the Properties.

I personally use a combination of Path and Genre to create Collections to separate all the different content out. For family videos I may only use Title to tag, whereas Audiobooks will get full tagging like music files.
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