Batch Re-tagging

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Batch Re-tagging

Post by Scootman1911 »

So I've got a lot of songs that have wildly inconsistent tagging and have been working at manually retagging everything for about a month and have only just gotten to the letter "E"... I know there has to be a faster way to do this but everything I find isn't even close to want I need. I need to retag smaller details than just Artist, Album Name, etc.
Here are examples of what I mean:
  • I have a lot of albums downloaded from which has a very annoying habit of putting "(DatPiff Exclusive)" after every song title. It's extremely tedious to go into the properties of every file and manually delete that part out but I can't find anything that allows you to remove partial things from songs title.
  • Different sources have different ways of showing producers (mostly in hip-hop/rap) and I want them all to be consistently "[Prod. by ___]" with that exact capitalization. If they're not in the title name already, I'm not too concerned with finding out that info but I hate how it looks with so many different variations throughout my library.
  • Featured artists are always represented differently. I like mine to be shown in song title as "Song Title (ft. ___)" but, again, I can't find any program/script to find all the variations and make them consistent. Some of my songs have these songs with the artist name as "Main Artist/ft./Artist 1/Artist 2/etc." which are by far the most annoying songs to fix.
Does anyone know of any programs or scripts within MM to help speed up this re-tagging process? I downloaded ReNamer hoping that would work and it did exactly what I wanted with the first two points but only to the actual file name, not the tags itself.
At the rate I'm going, It'll be 2015 before I finish this manually. And that's assuming I don't buy/download anymore music till then.
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Re: Batch Re-tagging

Post by dtsig »

Renaming is pretty easy if you use the 'RegEdit find and replace' addon (look in the addon section). It is very very powerful once you add files into MMW.

If you have files you haven't added yet and you want to rename in some consistent manner look for 'Bulk Edit'. It is a great tool.
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Re: Batch Re-tagging

Post by MMFrLife »

Check out Auto-Organize (native) for filenames and paths and/or RegExp Find & Replace (indie script maintained by ZvezdanD) for tags & filenames/paths ... =2&t=28510.

In RegExp you can just type the site name at end of title in "find" field and leave "replace" field blank.
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Re: Batch Re-tagging

Post by Alvaro Mera »

I have successfully used Bulk Rename Utility (, for some time now. It allows you to change the name of the file in many ways, for files not yet added to the Library. For instance, you can select all the files in a folder belonging to an album and delete, modify, add, etc. information at the beginning of the file name, at the end or at any particular position and see how the names would look like in the adjacent column. If you are satisfied you have to click twice to make sure you want to change the file names. If you make a mistake, there is an “Undo” feature that allows you to recover.

If the files are already in the Library, I select the files in question, use the “Locate Moved/Missing files … in the File Menu (so that MM will re-establish the link with the original folder) and then right click over the marked songs to then select “Auto Tag from Filename” in the window that opens, which marks in yellow the results it will provide. If that is what I want, then I go ahead, if not, I play around until I get the changes presented the way I want them.

Make a copy of one small folder with say 6 songs and try this approach.
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