How do I tag new mp3 files

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How do I tag new mp3 files

Post by anon coward »

I make a lot of recordings externally to MM (using a dictaphone).

The files are mp3 and I don't want to reencode them or anything. I'd just like to automtically tag recent files using the filename as the title..

so the logic of what i want is something like:

1. for each file that was added to MM in the last day or created in the last day

2. if the file has an id3 tag, skip to next file

3. autotag from filename and goto nex file
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Post by Josti »

Could it be done with an autostarting script which checks every new file?
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Post by trixmoto »

If you rescan a folder, any new tracks which do not have any tags are automatically assigned the filename as their title.
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Post by anon coward »

I think it might be helpful if i rephrase my problem as follows:

How do I filter to see mp3 files that don't have an ID tag.
MM helpfully uses the file name to 'guess' the title/artist/album
and I will use this to autotag from filename.. but I don't want to autotag files that already have ID tags..

For example, I would like to be able to create an autoplaylist of mp3 files which have the Album tag not set, can anyone help?
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Post by Bex »

There are already nodes for this!
Files to edit->Unkown Title
Plus all the others...

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Post by anon coward »

Thanks Bex,

yest, I can now open MM, open the Files to Edit node, goto Unknown Artist, sort by the Added field (I already included this field to the MM view),
then the top entries are the ones I'm looking for...
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