No files showing in my playlist HELP!!!!!

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No files showing in my playlist HELP!!!!!

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Hi lads,
I've searched this forum and can't find any answer to my problem so reaching out here in the hope that some of ye with good knowledge can help me out here.

On the explorer pane in MM I had a huge clutter of folders, some of them were displayed twice (I had problems with my NAS, so reshared folders)
Anyway, in a bid to clear up this I removed some of the duplicate folders (right click and then remove)
A message came up saying something like 'Are you sure you want to remove, all associated blah blah will be removed from the library but not your computer'
So now in my playlist folders, there are no files showing. Nothing. Not the light grey when the file can't be found. Just a big complete blank
So even though I didn't delete or change the playlists, the folders which the files in them are associated with are removed from my tree. And I never made a backup EVER of MM
But no files are actually deleted.
Is there any way that I can undo the damage I've done (I've a main playlist there with over 1,500 songs which are all pulled from different albums that I can't remember most of - I have over 700gb of flac)
I am hoping that there is some sort of file or resume file created???
I have not shut down MM since doing this, but have started a full system rescan in the vain hope that the playlist will fill up again
Any help appreciated
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Re: No files showing in my playlist HELP!!!!!

Post by Lowlander »

At the moment you remove the files from the Library they're also removed from the Playlists in the Library.
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