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cd info from freedb

Post by smartmart »

Hi guys. Does anybody know why i can't get info from Freedb for alot of my cd's?. They are bought cd's not copies. When I try to get info from freedb, I have a little wait and a dialog box appears saying "no cd audio found, please insert a cd". I dont understand this as MM will play the cd's but only show track numbers and no names. Media player also plays them when inserted. I didnt have this problem with another music data base which uses Gracenote. Any ideas please..
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Yes. I have the same problem. In 2.4 all this worked flawlessly, but since update - doesn't. This is on a windows 98 machine, and I noticed from your other post that you're running ME. It seems to be a problem associated with older versions of Windows. Only a debug log will find the error(s) I think! When I've got more time, I'll submit something.
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Post by Josti »

1. Is the correct drive selected?
2. Already tried to swtch FreeDB Mode from CDDBP to HTTP? Solved my probs caused by an external firewall.

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Believe me. That's all been tried and checked.
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Post by alphabeta »

There seems to be a slight bug in MediaMonkey. Trailing spaces in the freeDB domain name stop it resolving properly. I would suggest you put a filter on to remove trailing spaces.

This is a paricular problem because if you do a simple cut-and-paste from the freedb web site you get a trailing space.

cd info from freedb

Post by kirkjefe »

I have the same problem after I upgraded to the new version of MediaMonkey.

I'm not sure what you mean by adding a filter regarding trailing spaces. How do I do that? Is MediaMonkey going to fix the bug?
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