Best MM config for a multiple PC and NAS

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Best MM config for a multiple PC and NAS

Post by kazadharri »

I have been using MM for almost ten years, and have generally liked what it does. Which is maintaining my collection, and playing songs, and playlists, and being a decent media server so I can stream to SONOS speakers and download podcasts, and some playlists to my phone. And for a long time everything has been working ok, but a recent move from the US to Germany has forced me to reconfigure my system and it is now a disaster with MM "not responding", crashes, hangups, corrupted DB and everything in between. If I can't get it resolved I am being tempted to move to another program. Not sure what yet, as I still like the concept of MM. My biggest issue is that almost every mouse click, or action I take in the program has a very slow response and gives a lot of not responding for minutes, and possible freezes or crashes. I have installed the debug version on the laptop, and generally send the reports off when something happens.

So here is what I have, with some parameters I would like to keep.

2 PC's- Each PC has its own MM ini file, but is pointed to the NAS for both the database file, and the media files. I am using UNC paths to the dbase location, and media files. NOT mapped drives.
MM.db size is around 260,000 kbytes, media files are about 400 GB.

PC1- stand alone desktop, running Windows 10. Is my spouse's office PC and I generally keep it free of any of "my/our" software as it is for her business use. Is wired into the home LAN, and Homegroup. She generally only listens to Music while working on this PC. Has an instance of MMW (current version) installed on it. This is a very loaded version of MM, as it used to be my office PC, but it is no longer.

PC2- Laptop, running windows 10, wireless connection to the network and the homegroup. This is my main PC now. Has current version (debug version) installed on it. This is a very clean instance of MM with very few addons installed.

NAS storage: Synology DS212j. Wired directly to router. This is where the MM database, and all music files, podcasts, and other media files are maintained.

3 Sonos devices which are on the network but stream from the NAS. It would be nice if they could play my MM playlists, but that is another struggle.

My question is can I configure the devices so I can get MM up and running better. Here are my thoughts.
1. Connect the Laptop to a wired connection. Not great as I use it as a laptop over 50% of the time.

2. Move the MM database to the Laptop, but how to have PC1 be able to access the database, if PC2 is asleep, or shutdown?

2B. Put a MM.DB on each PC but how to keep them reasonably insync? Without a lot of time, and effort over head.

Any reasonable suggestions are welcome.

Thanks in advance/ Jeff
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Re: Best MM config for a multiple PC and NAS

Post by Lowlander »

The problem with 2 or more DBs is keeping AutoPlaylists and Play History in sync. If that's not an issue in your setup it should work. You'll just need to rescan the DBs regularly something Folder Monitoring can do for you.
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