Album artwork not available

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Album artwork not available

Post by nsf » Sun Feb 28, 2016 5:11 pm

Since downloading the most recent MediaMonkey update (perhaps 2 weeks ago), artwork does not automatically populate when a CD is ripped. All pertinent settings are exactly as they were before the update, and prior to the update, artwork almost always automatically appeared (little alliteration there), albeit not always accurately.
Now, even when I select the entire album (or just 1 track), right click, and select Edit Artwork Properties, no choices of artwork appear in the popup. When I click on the Lookup Artwork icon, the hourglass lasts forever and either nothing happens or a generic photo of a group of people appears.
Is this a known bug created by the update? Any suggestions about alternatives to obtaining accurate artwork?
With classical music where a lot of albums have the same or similar names, the artwork can be very helpful in selecting what to play.
Thank you.