How do you setup Media Monkey Desktop and Chromecast

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How do you setup Media Monkey Desktop and Chromecast

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I just purchase a Google Home and Chromecast Audio. I've seen in some threads that MediaMonkey desktop now works with chromecast, but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to make this work and I cannot find a thread that describes it.

From what I can tell, I just need right click on the player and select "Choose Player"; however, my chromecast audio is not listed there, it only lists "Internal Player" and my AV receiver. Is there something else that needs to be configure to make this work?

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Re: How do you setup Media Monkey Desktop and Chromecast

Post by Lowlander »

MediaMonkey 4 can't do Chromecast. It is currently possible with MediaMonkey for Android and it will be in MediaMonkey 5 (available as an Alpha release for testing).
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Re: How do you setup Media Monkey Desktop and Chromecast

Post by another1 »

If people are still looking for solutions on this, I bought the Chromecast Audio because I assumed it would mirror the audio playing on the system, probably like the rest of you. Anyway, after looking around, downloading a small app and updating some settings I got it working.

1) Try set up as per normal on computer, I guess. I couldn't get it to even locate the device upon attempting initial set up but it may have had some effect I'm unaware of, but likely not. Just make sure you can cast from Chrome browser before moving on so you know it's not your firewall settings or other issues, they have a trouble shooter you can follow if you hit a snag. If it says it couldn't find device (like it did for me), just click top right settings (three dots) and just hit cast anyway, may save you a lot of trouble. I went through all kinds of trouble shooting steps and tried to install after each one and nothing but then hit cast in settings and it worked so not sure if any of those changes did anything to help. Anyway...

open in Chrome browser, click below phone set up options for computer set up.

2) Download

if you want additional info on the program just Google it. It's been reviewed on several tech sites.

3) After extraction of files, place the folder where you want it BEFORE install! Several users report stability etc issues if you install it from the downloads folder but then move it to a more suitable location. (I installed from downloads and read about this issue afterwards so will just leave it alone.) All it really does is add a cast button to your notification area, if it's checked, it's on.

4) It should work at this point but the output volume will be super low.

Go to Chrome browser and it should have the cast icon in top right corner in red with ! in it. Click and it will bring up the device selection, click on device and put the volume all the way up, then you can just control volume via MM and/or system.

- OR -

If you have the Google Home app already installed on your phone/tablet you can adjust the volume in there as well.
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