Using MMW with FreeNAS

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Using MMW with FreeNAS

Post by VladTepes »

I have MMW currently installed on my Windows PC (obviously)

I have all my music files backed up on my NAS, and it is my intention to use the files on the NAS as my primary source because
a) There's much more space;
b) I have various devices around the place I can use to stream from with Kodi / Plex etc.

FreeNAS used FreeBSD (similar to Linux) so I can't install MMW actually on the NAS.

Therefore my windows computers (3) will need to all have MMW installed on them, which is fine but how do I tell it to use the files on the NAS. It is as simple as just setting up an SMB (CIFS) share and pointing MMW there?

I also want to have two user profiles if that's possible? (Either user may use any of the PC's)

Sorry if this seems a but rambling - it is Friday and I'm tired.. Please ask any questions required for clarification.

Thank you.
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Re: Using MMW with FreeNAS

Post by Lowlander »

Yes, just setup a File Share and that's it. Scan the files in and use it the same way as you would local files.

MediaMonkey doesn't have User Profiles.
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