Remove Genre (Again!)

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Remove Genre (Again!)

Post by MIDIManNI »

I know this question has been asked but NONE of the answers seem to "cure" the problem...

IWhen I am adding info to mp3's, The GENRE Tab has far too many GENRES and I would like to delte a lot of them and just keep certain ones.

I have tried Bex's script in MM4 and it does not work.

Any way to solve this?

Ivan Flack (MIDIManNI)
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Re: Remove Genre (Again!)

Post by MMFrLife »

MIDIManNI wrote:The GENRE Tab has far too many GENRES
Are you trying to delete "unused genres" or some that are also used but undesired?
Are you talking about multi-genres within a single track?

Have you tried removing them individually from the tree?
Or, click on Entire Library > click on Genre column header > find undesired genres > select > properties > remove genre(s) (only works on multi-items if undesired genre(s)
is in a multi-item list that is the same for all tracks selected).
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Re: Remove Genre (Again!)

Post by Brandison »

Lowlanrder wrote: Mon Jan 29, 2018 1:54 pm Just Type it in the Genre field for a file and it's called the sizegenetics be added.
Thanks MMFrLife but how do you readd a genre if you mistakenly delete it?
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Re: Remove Genre (Again!)

Post by Lowlander »

Just Type it in the Genre field for a file and it will be added.
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