Playlists driving me mad!

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Playlists driving me mad!

Post by Laveryt67 »

When I drag files (2478) to the Now playing list and create a playlist Say by the name "Great hits" and save.
Then clear the list then select the "Great hits" playlist and tell it to play now it show s up in the now playing + the other 16000 other songs in the database.
but the playlist clearly only has the 2478 songs on it.
Its driving me mad! :roll:
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Re: Playlists driving me mad!

Post by Teknojnky »

check your MM settings > player > play now

(or something like that)
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Re: Playlists driving me mad!

Post by Lowlander »

Which version of MediaMonkey? Also did you verify that your Playlist has only the expected files in it and not more?
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