Collections: Not moving files until ...

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Collections: Not moving files until ...

Post by bonjo »

Okay, I am not sure whether this is a bug or a wish or is just the way it is ...
I encounter the following issues: I can't move files within a collection's Location node until I have at least once opened the corresponding first level path in the Entire Library's Location node.
Sounds funny, huh?
Here's my setup: Windows 10, MM (Portable, but did the same with normal installation before)
I have files on local volumes and on a network drive. I imported network folders by UNC path aswell as by mapped network drive. All sources are set to be "Scanned continuously" in MM.
I set up a "test-collection": with nodes Location and some others like Artist, Album, Genre. I configured the 'Entire Library" collection likewise and set them both to show in the media tree.
Close MM and reopen.
1) Go to test-collection, Location node, some folder with files. try to move a file fromt there to some neighbouring folder. Doesn't work! Looks like this:
2) Go to Entire Library, same folder (actually it is sufficient to go to the top folder of that volume's node within the Entire Library node). No need to move anything ...
3) Return to folder in test-collection: now moving is possible. Looks like this:

I get the issue with local locations as well as with any network locations.
When working with files I often use the right mouse button/Find more from same/Folder (Library) to do file based actions. Unfortunately, that command is not accessible, when the respective collection wasn't set up with the Location node. And when it was then I get the above issue ... Of course, one can work around (see above) but that's an annoying workaround ...

Looking forward to discussions :-)

OT: How come there is no comprehensive user guide about MM out there? I have the impression, if one really wants to reveal all great possibilities in MM, you more or less need to become a coder ... Disapointing! The first thing I'd wish as the producer of an end user software would be the ease of use for my customers ...
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Re: Collections: Not moving files until ...

Post by Lowlander »

I'm not able to reproduce, so capture this in a debug log (step 4b) and attach the debug log to a Support Ticket:
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