[SOLVED] Unable to add/remove embedded artwork

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[SOLVED] Unable to add/remove embedded artwork

Post by Onansboy » Mon Mar 19, 2018 3:32 am


I'm using the latest version ( of Mediamonkey and it's worked well enough up to now. But today it has a strange problem: I can't add or remove artwork. If I delete the current artwork on a given track and save, it looks as if it's worked, but when I play a differnt track and then come back to the one before, the artwork is back again. The exact same thing happens when I attempt to add new artwork: when I revisit the track it defaults to the old artwork. So to all intents and purposes I'm stuck with the artwork I have and can't change it.

I should say that I can update any other metadata within said tracks with no problems. The issue is with the artwork only.

I've tried cleaning up/synchronizing said tags, utilizing the various 'maintain the library' optimizations, unistalling/reinstalling Mediamonkey, deleting tehe temporary directory that stores the cached image files etc. Nothing doing.

In terms of everyday use, the only thing I've done that's new is I set up media sharing on Mediamonkey (using UPnP) so that my daughter could access my music libary via her android phone. I can't imagine, howver, that this would affect the program's ability to add/remove artwork, but I mention it as a possible factor...

I've been using Mediamonkey for many years now and whenever I've had a problem read through the forums and fixed it. But this one has got me beat, so any help would be welcome.

EDIT It's fixed! What happened was, I had recently been auditing permissions on my PC and for whatever reason removed permission to modify the My Music folder. So whenever I tried to change any artwork in Mediamonkey the track would immediately default to its previous state.

Though there must be a reason, it seems strange that I could change other metadata within a file but not the artwork.

Anyway, thanks to anyone who read this post and could potentially offer help.

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Re: [SOLVED] Unable to add/remove embedded artwork

Post by Lowlander » Mon Mar 19, 2018 2:08 pm

Other metadat is saved in the database and file, but MediaMonkey gets it from the database. Artwork comes from the file if embedded or gets added during scanning if external.
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