Incredibly slow tagging

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Incredibly slow tagging

Post by Deadcool »

I purchased MediaMonkey a couple of weeks ago. I also installed the Discogs tagger add-on. My problem is this: When I insert a CD and rip it, tagging the tracks takes 3-5 MINUTES per CD. The application just hangs. This is on a Windows10 system.

I contacted MM support, and was told to download a debug version and run an application from SysInternals to debug, which I did and uploaded the results.

That was nearly two weeks ago and I haven't gotten a response from any of my inquiries into the issue. I'm beginning to regret having spent the money to buy MediaMonkey, but I'm hoping someone on the forums has some idea what the issue might be with application hangs during tagging?
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Re: Incredibly slow tagging

Post by Peke »

We are ATM in the middle of Server migrating and experience some issues.

I resent you message with instructions. I hope we can resolve this as soon as possible.

I retested Diskogs tagging today and it takes aprox 11 Seconds for whole CD tracks.
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