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Skateadvisors - Blog for all skateboarders

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Robert Parker - That's my name

Skateadvisors was founded by me. Most of the time I devoted myself to this sport and I am very enthusiastic about it. I really want to share the passion, spread to the skateboarding community with useful knowledge.

This article will reveal the secrets of skateboarding, I often say funny: "you have to be a winner"

If you are following this article, it means that you share a common interest with me. And I want you to know that my love for skateboarding keeps increasing every day.


With tips for beginners: from picking skateboard, choosing brands, choosing skateboard sections and key factors you need to care about.

I have a strong belief that "Anyone can succeed and become a good skateboarder". And Skateadvisors is the place that gives you information to complete it.

Have you owned a skateboard yet? If not, you will find it here: best skateboards for beginners at skateadvisors How to perform tricks perfectly to show off to your friends? All are here too!

Your job is simply to follow the posts in my blog. I will guide and explain in detail the most intuitive methods such as videos, clips ...!

If you have questions or you want to ask something, you can comment under my article, I will answer your curiosity.

This is a blog, where all skateboarders can learn and research new strategies to become better every day. I guarantee you will not regret joining my blog.

If you suddenly think of a good idea, discuss it with me. I am willing to interact with you to improve that idea. All reviews and products on my blog are based on solid knowledge and background. You absolutely trust it!
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Re: Switching database/configuration (profiles).

Post by Teknojnky »

by default MM keeps data in the user profile, so if you have separate windows logins, then your mm data should also be separate.

or you can install and run MM in portable mode, which will store the settings/registry/db in the mm\portable folder.

if you want completely separate databases/settings/profiles, it would be best to simply have 2 separate portable MM install folders.

otherwise, you can separate music by utilizing collections (like classical, audiobooks, etc). You can create collections based on path too, so if you have a separate drive or path for your 'dev' music, you can specify that (or exclude that).

in MM4, the collections are under settings > library > media tree. at the bottom you can create a new collection or edit/delete existing ones.
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