Modifying MP3 file header text info

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Modifying MP3 file header text info

Post by Ava712 »

Is there a method I can use in a program to access and modify ripped music CD-MP3 file(s) header text?

There is a method available in the MusicMatch jukeboks music player, but with 2000 files ripper from 50 CD's, the job is quite formidable and the tool "supertagging' is cumbersome to use.

What I see for me is more like the visual representation of Excel, where I would have just the three fields Artist name, Song title and Album name. displayed.

The Artist field would have the option of repeating the top field down for all the song titles, Album would always be repeted for all song titles.

Song titles wil of course have to be entered for each item.

In the ripped files, every file has the fields track#, artist, album + some of less importance.

Just let me know if I am at the wrong forum for my search. I just don't know anywhere else that I might go.

For programming I might use Visual Foxpro and/or assembler. I haven't used C since early 1980's.
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Re: Modifying MP3 file header text info

Post by Peke »

When you select All track From Album -> Right click -> Properties (SHIFT+ENTER) You have Checkmark to select which will Update that field for all selected tracks.

Is that what you want?

Think I do I open Properties for One Song copy Data I need and then Select all tracks in Album to fill that field.

HINT: If One track Data is correct adn all others have that field empty when you Select all tracks and properties for them then MMW automatically fill that field with one available info and enable check mark so that other selected tracks will have same value on confirming changes.
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