MM4 Loses Track of Gold Status?

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MM4 Loses Track of Gold Status?

Post by dennisparrott » Wed Apr 24, 2019 1:21 pm

This is sort of annoying.

I have Media Monkey 4 installed in portable mode. My music library and the MM4 install folder on the same drive so that I could plug my drive into one of my other computers and use Media Monkey if I need to.

What happens is that MM4 seems to lose track of the fact that I gave it my Gold key. In the past, I have just re-entered the key. I'd like to fix this so that I don't have to re-enter it when MM4 loses my status.

The last time I ran MM4 it was fine. Gold status was fine. Ran it today and it says it is the standard edition (unregistered).

Has anyone seen this behavior? What do I need to do about it (assuming that the answer will fix this rather than be "just put in your key again...")



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Re: MM4 Loses Track of Gold Status?

Post by Lowlander » Wed Apr 24, 2019 1:28 pm

Which version of MediaMonkey and are you sure the last time you installed it was installed as Portable Install? Make sure you don't delete anything inside the Portable folder where you installed the Portable version of MediaMonkey.
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