loads of broken links/unknown location in database

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loads of broken links/unknown location in database

Post by frankenpod » Wed May 08, 2019 4:56 am

For some reason MM keeps messing up the database as it relates to podcasts (specifically, under the podcast subscriptions view). Firstly, weird stuff sometimes happens when downloading podcasts - they end up with wrong tags or multiple copies of the same podcast, or once-in-a-blue-moon MM actually crashes with an access violation error during the download process. Some of this might be errors at the podcast server end. I can live with occasionally having to delete these mangled downloads and redownloading them.

But the main thing is when I delete, within MM, the resulting corrupted or mis-tagged podcasts, quite often MM doesn't manage to delete them correctly, and I end up with an entry with 'unknown' listed for the path and filename. My database is now full of loads of these dead entries that cannot be removed. Twice before I have figured out how to fix this by editing the database file myself with some free database tool or other, but each time I have to work out anew how to do that (I keep forgetting how I did it, working with databases is not my dayjob!), and it is quite tedious, hunting through the database for all the dead links/associations.

Is there no way of simply automatically cleaning the MM database? Even just deleting it and rebuilding it would be OK, except I don't want to lose all my smart playlists and podcast subscriptions, and really its only the podcast part of the database that has problems.

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Re: loads of broken links/unknown location in database

Post by Lowlander » Wed May 08, 2019 9:54 am

Which version of MediaMonkey and do you have Show removed episode links enabled under Tools > Options > Downloads/Podcasts?
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