Can I move my music to OneDRive or Cloud?

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Can I move my music to OneDRive or Cloud?

Post by Springsteenfan » Tue Jul 30, 2019 1:06 pm

I have been going through a ton of old CDs and DVD's with concerts on them. I've added them all to my MMW but, it's crippling my space on my HD. Can I move my music to say OneDrive or a cloud-based system and still have MMW work, or does the link have to be to a HD?

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Re: Can I move my music to OneDRive or Cloud?

Post by Linwood » Tue Jul 30, 2019 8:54 pm

I have no idea of the answer to your core question but I do offer a bit of unsolicited advice: be sure you have considered backups. Most people use OneDrive and similar for either backup of local storage, or as an intermediate synchronization media between multiple computers (i.e. with copies still stored locally).

Once you decide to store your only, master copy on OneDrive, you are committing to it being reliable AND (unless you take separate action) to not having any kind of backup.

Local storage is cheap, and it is under your complete control. Cloud storage is wonderful for off-site backups, synchronization, etc. Be sure you really want to do what it is you wish for.

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Re: Can I move my music to OneDRive or Cloud?

Post by Springsteenfan » Wed Jul 31, 2019 3:27 am

I will have two back-ups, three if I use my main HD. Two micro sd cards, my external HD (which I can't really use as my main supply for MM as it can be a bit temperamental, but it's fine for storage. I have a plastic container to keep the SD cards in.
I thank you for your advice, cloud is the one I'm leaning towards but haven't yet looked into pricing. So that's my next job. Then it's finding out if it will work and allow me to sync etc.

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Re: Can I move my music to OneDRive or Cloud?

Post by Peke » Sat Aug 03, 2019 8:51 am

Please note that Cloud Storage like Google Music do not store Lossless files like FLAC but they are converted to highest MP3 compression. For Me taht is not satisfactory.

Also having HQ quality storage in cloud can be expensive, for me it is more valuable to have NAS (I decided on QNAP) put in 4x6TB Drives (now you can have 12TB drives) and set them into 2x2 RAID1 Mirror so basically I have 12TB of Data Storage and 1x1 12TB Backup just in case, Also NAS serves me as MMS server, Online Radio Streaming Server (Use TuneIn app as Client) along with WEB, Mail, File/Share, Print, Scan, VPN Server,... which clearly explain initial High price for setup, but when I am locally connected to my Network I have 2GBit LAN, Full WiFi Link to files and when I am not at home I have Streaming of my Now Playling List to My Car HeadUnit (Android Based, but others have Shoutcast support, or use on Phone a TuneIn app to stream over BT to HeadUnit), VPN Connection to my Local LAN if I am Abroad,...

Last time I calculated monthly cost of all that it was around 250-300 USD a month if I would pay that to someone. My initial cost for all that 6-7 years ago (then I had 4x3TB drives) with all the Network Infrastructure (including safety measures on power outrages) was 2500-2700 USD you can Imagine how much I saved over the years. Not even to mention that not all services I need to pay have quality I have now. Only downside that I have is that connection Speed from outside when I am Abroad is limited to ISP UL/DL rate which in some places in not an issue as they have 1/1GBit Links.

Well if someone would argue that having that all in one place is not full backup, but if something so terrible happen to NAS my data would be the least worry that I would have at that moment.
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Re: Can I move my music to OneDRive or Cloud?

Post by Lowlander » Tue Aug 06, 2019 10:18 pm

MediaMonkey 4 doesn't work with cloud storage, but MediaMonkey 5 is.

You should however be able work with cloud service that provide local access like Onedrive in MediaMonkey 4. You'd be working with the local files and the cloud service syncs changex to the cloud.
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