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Folder (Move)

Post by pushpull » Sun Dec 08, 2019 12:23 am

I use a folder structure that goes as follows, a folder named "A" for the "A" artists, "B" for the "B" artists, etc. As I have added music to my library, I have found that some of the folders get quite a few sub-folders in them. Now, I have broken down the main folders to account for this. See the image below for reference. I want to do this some more to other folders. I have tried the Folder (Move) but it only moves the files and not the folder. I ended up just using Windows explorer but the problem with that is I lose all my playcounts, which I rather not do. I ended up readjusting the playcounts by hand the last time. That is tedious. I guess, I could use some advice on how best to do this. If I have to end up using Windows explorer again, does anyone have any suggestions to ease the playcount issue?

What I have found on the forums are the following links. These seem most relevant. Given the bug/feature report 16053, I don't see this as having a fix located somewhere else in the forum. ... ve#p289340



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Re: Folder (Move)

Post by Lowlander » Sun Dec 08, 2019 5:29 pm

Cut & Paste as I mentioned in either the My Computer node or Location node will do the move like in File Explorer.
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