Restore database file

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Restore database file

Post by PugetSoundDJ » Thu Jan 02, 2020 3:28 pm

Hi there,
I had both of my laptops stolen earlier this week, so I'm trying to get back up on my feet.
The Media Monkey database was currently on those, as I use the product extensively, but my last backup of the MediaMonkey database (mm.db) is from October.
I store my music in a separate drive, which I always name M:. I am able to get Media Monkey to see and monitor that drive, but all my playlists are broken. And the main "music" screen shows copies of music that aren't accessible. (I've had to use Media Monkey on some temporary directories to get back up and running.)
So I'm trying to figure out a strategy about how to get back to where I have only actual songs in my music list (not greyed out references to previous versions or locations) and where my playlists point to the right spots for songs.
I have a database from late October and one from this computer currently that seems like it's got a lot of incorrect information.
I assume I would use Locate moved/missing files and/or maintain library and/or clear database. But I'd love some suggestions about what order and what options to use in that regard. I have 100s of playlists, so that's the main thing I'm trying to preserve.

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Re: Restore database file

Post by Peke » Thu Jan 02, 2020 6:58 pm

Sorry for the loss of laptops :(
Here is what I suggest:
1. Install Clean MM portable onto c:\MMtemp\ (Do not start on install end)
2. Copy your backup MM.DB into c:\MMtemp\Portable\
3. Start c:\MMtemp\MediaMonkey.exe
4. Skip startup wizard
5. connect external drive and try to Play some tracks
6. If they do not play Select them and
7. use File -> Locate Moved Missing Tracks hile pointing to your External Drive
8. On scan complete check if files are found and they are playable now
9. If Yes check if they are in correct playlist (Right click on one track -> properties -> Classification)

After that you simply repeat steps 6-8 on batch of files (eg. ~1k not on whole library as it will lock UI and can take hours to complete depending on your library size)

That should work.
Let us know the result
Best regards,
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