New guy speed question

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New guy speed question

Post by FamousMortimer »

Hello, I recently switched from Mac back to PC and remembered happily using Mediamonkey on my old machine. So I picked it up again.

I've got a lot more files than I used to - somewhere in the region of 180,000 - but it's really struggling at the moment. If I start playing a track it often buffers, if I'm playing a track and then scroll down the list of songs I have, it moves incredibly slowly...

So, there could be a few issues that have nothing to do with Mediamonkey.

* They're on an external hard drive (which has been fine up to now, admittedly)
* My PC might be a bit slow (although it runs other programs fine)

So, if it's neither of those, is there a list of things you can disable or enable in MM to optimise the speed it's at?
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Re: New guy speed question

Post by Lowlander »

Buffering could indicate a slow connection between external drive and PC. You may want to test this by doing the same for files on the internal hard drive. Switching Output Plugin may also help: ... -corrupted

Slow Library use may be resolved with File > Maintain Library with complete optimization.
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Re: New guy speed question

Post by sallenmd87 »

I store all of my 240,000 tracks on a 4TB external drive and run MM4 as portable off that drive on a desktop and a laptop using Windows 10. No problems with playback on either, so MM can certainly handle a large library.
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