Upgraded files - workflow suggestions?

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Upgraded files - workflow suggestions?

Post by allbenatt »

I got a USB DAC recently and am enjoying significantly higher fidelity audio on my FLAC files and those MP3s that are 256-320kbps. So now it's particularly obvious when a low bitrate track plays. As a result, I have begun the process of replacing low bitrate files with higher bitrate files. I'm ready to load the new files - probably 1,000 or more - into MMW but I'd like to get some suggestions on workflow to reduce the labor involved in replicating the work I had already done on the old, low bitrate files for the new, higher bitrate files:
  • Editing the tags on the new files. Usually I use MP3Tag. Am I better off using a tagging feature in MMW?
    Adding cover art to the files. Again, MP3Tag or a tool in MMW?

    Setting the album-based ReplayGain values. In the past I have used Foobar2000 and MP3Gain to scan and to add ReplayGain values to the files. Better to use a tool in MMW?

    I had star-rated about 66% of the low bitrate tracks. What's a fast and easy way to get those ratings assigned to the same tracks with the higher bit rating? Note that the new files names are not identical to the old file names. I'm sure that in quite a few cases the album titles, artist names, track titles, etc differ slightly from those in the old track metadata.

    Of course, I'll need to remove the low bitrate files from MMW. Perhaps the most efficient workflow will require me to leave those tracks in MMW until I have done all the replicating of tags, cover art, star ratings, etc.
Does anyone have suggestions on the most efficient ways to accomplish all this? I spent countless hours the first time around. If only some sort of artificial intelligence-enabled software were available to automate the tasks!!

I'm excited to have consistently high-quality music wafting through my home. And, BTW, I also have the LG V60 phone with the audiophile quad DAC so I'll be anxious to sync high fidelity tracks to MMA.

Thanks in advance for giving this some thought.
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Re: Upgraded files - workflow suggestions?

Post by Lowlander »

You can use this to copy tags from old to new copies: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=13000

I see no advantage in editing the tags outside of MediaMonkey so I would suggest using MediaMonkey.
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Re: Upgraded files - workflow suggestions?

Post by Snofru »

Yes, the Advanced Duplicate Find & Fix Addon that Lowlander suggested can probably do everything that you want.
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