Can you suggest some music to me?

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Can you suggest some music to me?

Post by pgd »

My Fave Bands/Artists:
Dire Straits
Electric Six
Eric Clapton
John Frusciante
John Mayer
Led Zeppelin
Queens Of The Stone Age
Rage Against The Machine
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Rory Gallagher
System Of A Down
Tenacious D
White Stripes

But I'm tiring of this, and as I now have access to the internet, I need all the knowledgable music junkies online who can help me.
So, any suggestions?
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Post by Steegy »

Yes, Last.Fm, Pandora and several other sites that give related artists, tracks, genres, ... (usually with preview).

The script for MM you definately need is ScrobblerDJ.
Extensions: ExternalTools, ExtractFields, SongPreviewer, LinkedTracks, CleanImport, and some other scripts (Need Help with Addons > List of All Scripts).
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Post by rovingcowboy »

Sidewinder i'm not sure if sidewinder is still online or not?
techno rock very much like video games of the style of doom sounds. and maybe softer games but NOT atari. was mostly
doing mod files. have not heard from him in a long time.
ru drisi might have had contact with him?
this url has some of his mods on. ... age/desc/1

john ryhman he's off line so you have to hunt for archives with his songs in. had done lots of smooth love song styles. and a few rock. i have his version of nobody knows. and another one on my music page.

Ru Drisi some different styles on here hard to pin him in to a genera.

Bill Vogel had a real band or was in them from the 1960's to the 1980's now just local gigs in NY. area has some of his songs on site for you to get.

keith spillman
he had a link to sidewinder and it might or might not work if still up on spillmans site. not sure if its techno or just rock and country? have not been there in a while he might have changed it.

Joe Toto surf and techno.

Tom Brusky polka polka polkas

Dr.ZEE aka mike zee you name it mike has more then likey made a song in that style.

mike cross folk music

Frank schober
frank is now doing them in mp3's so look for his new page link if not auto routed. frank is 83 this year plays all songs by ear and memory. this guy proves it is good health to memorise things.

accordion man varied styles on the accordion plays songs from all around the world.
plays in family band in florida.

Eugene hayek does big band wagons and pipe organs and theather organs and puts them on line for all to get. he does the real ones not simulated. ... index.html

is that enough i hope so it'll take some time to check the others suggestions as well as mine. have fun.

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Post by Peke »

Maybe Nickelback?
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Post by Blake »

If you like those bands then you might like 'The Killers'

Just to start you off a good song by them is 'When You Were Young'
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Post by nosfera2 »

The Black Keys
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