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Re: Show your sound system

Post by Eyal »

Is that the Pioneer 5.1 surround for Xbox 360?
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Re: Show your sound system

Post by gds »

Sorry, no pics.

My Computer:
mobo: Gaigabyte MA790GPT-UD3H
CPU: AMD X3 720
graphics: ATI Radeon HD5750
usb-optical converter: M-Audio Sonica
format: WAV (for portable Zen device: WMA VBR 95%)

My Audio System:
a/v receiver: Onkyo TX-SR706
amp: ATI AT1506 (6 amps running 3 channels at 300 watts/channel)
equalizers: AudioControl, 1 for main speakers, 2 for subs
main speakers: JBL Studio Series S312's
subs: 1 HSU 10", 1 homemade 15"

Re: Show your sound system

Post by Guest »

m using my dell laptop with my head phones . some times use my cd player as amplifier
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Re: Show your sound system

Post by ignatiusmael »


I am having hobbies of listening songs because of this I have home theatre at my house


Thank you!!
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Re: Show your sound system

Post by mcow »

I'm not going to put up pictures, but:
Paradigm speaker pair (I forget the model number, these were the low-end Paradigms in 2000) (there is no subwoofer)
Driven by Denon DRA-275 stereo receiver (again, low-end, c. 1998)
Fed by (1) Denon DCM-360 CD changer (again, low-end, c. 1997 - no digital output)
and (2) Adcom GDA-700 HDCD DAC (recently bought 2nd-hand via Audiogon)

Also, I have a cassette deck and a turntable (and tapes, and LPs!) but they aren't hooked up.

Someday the speakers will be upgraded (mine sound good, but I heard the next step up in the Paradigm line and so I know that I could have better sound), and probably the receiver will be upgraded too. For now, I really have no complaints. Chasing after improvements in the quality of the sound is limited by how loudly I can run the stereo in an apartment (luckily, the walls here are thick) and by the loudness of the tinnitus in my ears.

The DAC is not low-end, but it only supports 16-bit at 48/44.1/32KHz. That's the tradeoff for HDCD, and I have a large number of HDCD discs. It gets S/PDIF from (1) Denon DCD 7.5 CD player (old, obscure, 2nd-hand, but it has digital out)
and (2) the computer.

I had the computer built for me at, so it's a fairly quiet model -- not silent, but even sitting at the computer I don't notice the fans when the music is on. (The refrigerator in the next room is more noticeable.) It's an Athlon 4850e (low-power) CPU on an Asus M3A78 mobo. The Asus has integrated RealTek HD/multichannel sound with S/PDIF out, and that's what runs into the DAC. (The computer's beeps, and sound from Flash -- i.e. YouTube -- go into a small pair of USB speakers.)

The music library resides on an external 500GB WD hard disk in an Antec quiet case, but it's not as quiet as it could be. (I recently picked up one of the WD Passport external disks to use as a backup and it's much quieter, so I think I'll probably get a second Passport and move the library onto that.) There is also a fair amount of music, mostly live concert recordings, on the computer that is not part of the library, as I'm still figuring out how I want to organize things. About 80% of the CD rips are in FLAC, the rest as 192kbps MP3; there are also some MP3s from artists's sites or Amazon, but mostly I still buy CDs. I'm thinking of opening an account at eMusic.

The computer is running 64-bit Windows XP, and MediaMonkey, of course, to manage the library. Most of the time, MM is also playing the music, but sometimes I'll use WinAmp. Both MM and WinAmp use an ASIO plugin to run the bitstream thru ASIO4ALL, which bypasses some levels of Windows audio drivers and allows me to get bit-perfect output to the DAC (a necessity for HDCD). I use Exact Audio Copy to rip CDs.

The MP3 player is a Nokia N800 "internet tablet" which is functional but it's no iPod. I'd love to have a MM remote-control app to run on the N800, but developing for it is (a) too difficult and (b) a dead end.

Stereo and computer reside in the living room of my apartment, and can be heard pretty well from the kitchen, not so well in the upstairs bedroom. I'm not really looking for a distributed music solution at this point; the bedroom has a small stereo of its own, which I can use to play CDs, or plug the MP3 player into.
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Re: Show your sound system

Post by China-Rising »

Here's mine (sorry no picture, just a list)

2x Technics 1210's MKII
1x Pioneer CDJ1000 MK2 CD Deck
1x Denon DNS5000 CD Deck
1x Pioneer DJM500 Mixer
1x Pioneer Power Amp hooked up to 1x Philips DD/DTS Reciever
1x Pioneer CD Player
1x Pioneer 7 Band Graphic Equaliser
1x Sony Tape Deck
1x Sony MiniDisc Recorder

I also have 10 speakers....2 big bass speakers, 4 bookshelf speakers, a centre speaker, 2 rear speakers and a sub.
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Re: Show your sound system

Post by sapo_joe »

Okay... My system is not sort of "audiophile" stuff, but, some audiophile would still be impressed with it's audio quality and balance...

Here it goes:

PC: AMD Phenom II X4 950BE, Cool 'n' Quiet enabled.
MSI Radeon 5670, with a very silent large cooler (cyclone model)
Asus Mobo
930GB HD storage (~500Gb of it for music in various formats, from FLAC to high-bitrate MP3s)
Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium PCI-E (cherry of the cake!)


Edifier M3351 5.1 (amazing sound for the price!)


I have a second sys on my parent's that runs a Celeron 420D with an Audigy Value and also a 2.0 1900T Edifier monitor set, wich is amazing!
These are the speakers:

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Re: Show your sound system

Post by talula11 »

I'm excited about 32X and .MOD music are two of my favourite things. Also, the combined YETI 3D + MOD music demo out there is especially nice. Lots of nice new .BINs for my flashcart lately. Kudos to all involved ("Chilly Willy" mostly).
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Re: Show your sound system

Post by Datun Walnut »

I have a PC in my office room storing my music (In the process of re-ripping my MP3s to FLAC) also been buying a bit of Hi-res stuff too.
I listen using an Onkyo CR-N755 receiver and Q Acoustics 3050 speakers or via my old Beyer Dynamic DT440 headphones.
When renovating my house, I ran CAT5 everywhere so it's a fully hardwired system via the router, this avoids a lot of jitter and drop outs.
Blu-ray audio is TOS linked in from my player.
Thinking of a new pair of headphones and an headphone amp.
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Re: Show your sound system

Post by faaramin »

m using my dell laptop with my head phones. :(
some times use my cd player as amplifier
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Re: Show your sound system

Post by theta_wave »

It has been awhile since I logged in. Since then I got into headphones kind of in a big way due to not wanting to disturb neighbors et al. Here's my system so far:


Hifiman HE-6 (prototype modded)
Hifiman Arya
Hifiman Edition X v2
Hifiman HE-500
Sennheiser HD800S
Sennheiser HD6XX
AKG K501
Audeze LCD-2 rev. 1
Audeze LCD-2 rev. 2
Fostex TH-X00 Ebony (modded)
Sennheiser PX-100 (v.1)
Grado Labs HF-3
Monoprice Modern Retros (Brainwavz XL Pleather)
Koss PortaPros
M&J GL2 (Brainwavz Hybrid)
Sennheiser HD414X

Darkvoice 336SE
Magni 3
Crown D-75A
Crest CA2

Modi 3
MM Gold Lifetime since
Computer: Lenovo Y580 System: Win7 Ultimate x64 SP1 / Arch Linux Mediamonkey 4: w/ Monkeyrok 5.6, Minilyrics 1.4b, iMonkey Skin
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