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Mine sucks.

My system for the 90s

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Amplifier = Marantz PM-80mkII

Speakers = BNS Evolution from 1991 (Dutch brand, great sound, but not getting produced anymore)

Laptop with ECHO Indigo soundcard

NAS with more than 500GB of high quality MP3 music (uberized for the insiders)
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Not hardcore audiophile...but very handy.


Nice system

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Hi cmx
That's a really nice system that you built here.
Do you have more than 1 TB of music on your Terastations?

Personaly, I added 3 external USB drive to hold and backup my growing 400+ MB music database.
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I don't actually have two Terastations, it was just easier to get the picture and make the I do have 4.5TB total storage.

You I'll give detail that might help someone trying to figure stuff out.

I have one 2TB Terastation hardwired to the router. I have about 1.2TB of music and about 40GB of pictures. This is the main storage for home network. This is what is represented in the picture.

Akin to what it sounds like you have, I ALSO have 1 Lacie 1TB drive and 3 Lacie 500GB drives. All are connected USB 2.0 via main desktop USB card and external hub. So essentially they are a 2.5TB block of storage that can connect to anything via one USB connection. This is not represented in the picture...cause its kinda messy. I now utilize these drives as "archive" backup and travelling drives. I actually keep them powered down. These are the "vault". (When used these as my main storage I used the firewire 800 connection and daisy chained them.)

The Terastations NAS is great...not tied to one central PC, etc... One issue I have with Buffalo that was not apparent until purchase is the USB connectivity out of the Buffaloes. They advertise "USB connectivity for added storage". I was hoping to be able to connect the old Lacie drives to the Buffalo and have all external storage accessable via network....BUT the USB connection is "limited". The internal software in the Buffaloes is Linux and limited. No USB hub the Buffaloes will only recognize a single drive connected to each of the two USB connections. This was the one big dissappointing aspect. Why couldn't they just make it function as a "standard" USB interface....

I'm still learning the Terastation and trying to finalize the system....what I am considering is getting a second 2TB Buffalo and setting it up in raid configuration with the first Buffalo with mirrors of all the systems in the house on both....although that might be

I expect 5 years from now we will simply be using blocks of chips...with a TB available about the size of an iPod...connectable wirelessly...

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Hi guys

I have a

Sony STR-DE185 Amplifier (Non-video. Just straight stereo sound)

Hooked to:

Sony PS-LX250H Turntable
Sony TC-WR681 Dual Cassette Deck
Sony CDP-CE335 5-Disc CD Changer
Home-built P4 2.4Ghz 2 Gig RAM
2TB Drive Space
iPod 5G 30 Gig
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No good at pictures. :cry:
HP Desktop w/250Gb HD w/attached USB2 250Gb Western Digital
Netgear Gigabit N wireless router.
Acer Laptop 80Gb
Mediamonkey on both.
Squeeze center server on both.
Logitec Squeezebox 3 connected wireless to computers.
Wired into a Yamaha RX-V1800
B&W tower speakers (can't remember the model)
Yamaha center channel mainly for tv and movies.
and a Logitec Harmony 720 remote to control everything.
Finally a dumpy little house for containment of the above.

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Thats cool! :o
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Mine is a simple one, as I only have the setup in my own room:

Custom built PC with Auzentech X-Fi Prelude as soundcard
SONY TA-FE370 as Stereo Amplifier
Jamo C603 bookshelf speakers
Roku Soundbridge M1000
SONY CDP-X5270 as CD Player
iRiver Clix 2nd Gen as portable audio device

If I had my own house and not this rented room, I might have decided for a fixed 5.1 or 7.1 setup for the computer, but right now, stereo is doing the trick. You know, it is better to have stereo than a bad 5.1 setup. The Roku and CD Player help with staying away from the computer. But only sometimes.
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Re: Show your sound system

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Great stuff. This is a blast to read. Hope you guys are all keeping your homeowner's/renters insurance paid up. :D

Here's what I'm running at the moment:

Custom-built PC (Athlon64 dual-core, 2GB RAM). My music server uses four 250GB disks running as a 1TB striped array with a fifth 250GB drive as a hot spare. I back up to a second RAID 0 running on a separate system; once a month I burn incremental backups to DVD for storage in a fire safe.

Right now, my library is around 18,500 tracks and 500GB, including around 15,000 music tracks archived as FLACs. The remaining MP3/OGG tracks are mostly archived podcasts, audiobooks, and vintage radio programming.

I usually run MM from a second system, where I also keep a master copy of the database. All of my desktop systems are networked using GB Ethernet, and the laptops are set up for .11g wireless.

My audio card is a M-Audio Delta Audiophile 192. I bought it for the hardware, and I stick with it because there isn't a company on the planet writing better Windows drivers for their sound cards IMO. I use the balanced analog outputs (1/4" TRS); the 192 also supports coax SPDIF output, but I don't use it with this setup and couldn't care less about it.

Integrated Amp: Marantz PM8003

Speakers: Boston Acoustics T-830s and a pair of Mirage M-230s in my office. If the T-830s ever die, I can always chop them up to use as firewood.

Turntable: Bang & Olufsen Beogram RX-2 (MMC3 cartridge). I see what replacement cartridges for this thing cost today -- when you can find them -- and I remind myself to take very, very good care of it.
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Show your sound system

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Operating System
Windows Home Server

Total 1x300 GB 15.000 rpm SAS plus 7x1TB Server grade).
3Ware 9650se 8 port SATA controller [LINK]
Intel Pro/1000PT PCIe DualPort Server nettverk kort
Intel i7 920
Lian Li Full tower



Only think I'm missing is to have Squeeseserver operate using the MM data base.
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Re: Show your sound system

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HKviking wrote:Total 1x300 GB 15.000 rpm SAS plus 7x1TB Server grade).
Wowee! This server is a monster! :)
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Re: Show your sound system

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Good thread my fellow monkeys

yes that's a monster.
But going back to the early posts on this thread....... "old 1980s stereo" etc
All NAD stereo Amp, CD player, tapedeck and (gasp) record player. DVD player for MP3 discs monitored by small LCD screen. 4 X Paradigm speakers. (sounds good to me)
PC is HP with Seagate 500GB USB HD and logitech 2.1 speakers. (fine for general house racket).

What really annoys me about to trying to listen to good music on the PC is the hum from the fan in it. It's no louder than it should be, but i'm really listening and i live in the country so there is no other ambient background noise. I'm surprised no-one else has mentioned it. So far the only solution i found was to burn to disc and play on the CD/DVD player ! Even if i put a soundcard with RCA output in to the PC it still has a fan in it !
Am i being mental or am i missing something here.

Re: Show your sound system

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Re: Show your sound system

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AH !

Thanks for the link. Another good thread.

Now just a matter of adding it to the 'to do' list . hahaha
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