Everything works better with a 64bit cpu

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Everything works better with a 64bit cpu

Post by Randall_Lind » Mon Dec 31, 2007 9:12 am

On Christmas I spent the day with friends and they had a HP Pavillion Athlon 64 3700+ that the video stopped working on. I been telling them for months to let me look at it I bet it is a simple issue.

To make a long story short instead of having me look at it they went out and brought a new machine. So when I did go over there for Christmas they gave me the HP for parts. I tested it and the video wouldn't come on so I was planing to buy a PCI-E card. I tested it with a 2mb PCI test card and it worked.

The PC had 5 inches of dust every where I blew the dust out and clean the PC pretty good and for the hell of it tested it again and the PC works!! The video on board works also. I am still going to get a better video card and up the ram. I did a clean install of MS Media Center Edition with out HP crappy software and it kicks butt.

What is strange is the crash I get with MM3 when I plug my mp3 drive and pick MediaMonkey to play on my Athlon 2400+ (32bit) is not happening on my 64bit machine. I have no idea why. Russell is hoping to reproduce the crash so to fix what he can.

I reported the bug before I knew I was getting this HP. Just seems everything works better on 64 bit. I am not sure if it the 64bit or the dual channel ram or even the sata 150 drive. the 64bit machine is a 2.2ghz where my old one which is now a file server is a 2ghz with 2gb of ram.

My file server is not slow but this 64bit is a tad better at doing things.