Deleted music not deleting from device

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Deleted music not deleting from device

Post by bsquared »

Have been using Media Monkey on Windows and Android fo ra while.

Recently been having issues with syncing whereby "old content" is not being deleted from the device.

My workflow for music is as follows:
1) make changes to library folders
2) open windows media player and let it sync
3) open media monkey on windows and force a rescan
4) sync to android phone

Step 4 is supposed to also remove old files which were removed back in step 1 and synced in steps 2 through 4.
However despite having the "____" option enabled the phone doesn't want to delete old content.

Is there an option inside Android I am missing? or on Windows? I read the following forum posts to try and solve this:

Any help would be appreciated.
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Re: Deleted music not deleting from device

Post by Lowlander »

Have you set it to delete all media files, otherwise it won't remove files not in the MediaMonkey Library (ie. files that were removed from the PC).
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