MM Volume vs. iTunes/iPod volume

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MM Volume vs. iTunes/iPod volume

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I have leveled volume in my MM library and it works great. When I imported it into iTunes and iPod there are some songs that are barely audible. I have tried the iTunes Soundcheck feature to no avail. What am I doing wrong?
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I Guess that you have used Volume Analyze?

Read this about Volume Leveling.
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I've used iPods for about the last three years, and I find that iPods dock somewhere between 5 and 10dB from any given track when playing from the iPod itself. Also, iTunes has, in my experience, a terrible leveling algorithm (It's more of a preamp, actually) that seems to make loud songs louder and soft songs softer. Try raising the volume cap you set in MM by 10dB, and applying the leveling change to your tracks. I did this (all my tracks were leveled to 90dB) and all my tracks became fully audible. I'd also turn off the iPod's sound leveling option, as your songs, unless completely reloaded into iTunes, will contain the same volume change information as before, and your track volumes will no longer be level. I also don't see the point in altering the volume of tracks already leveled to a decent volume.

Hope this helps!
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