SanDisk e200 series compatible?

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SanDisk e200 series compatible?

Post by jc836 »

No one mentions this particular product. It has solid-state memory rather than a HD. Does Media Monkey handle this player type? Particular interest is the ability to transfer my MM playlists :)
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Post by Lowlander »

I believe it works (based on other posts), but it isn't listed on the official device support list.
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Post by Stedwoo »

Yes I have 2 E250 an E260 and 1 E260. The only two issues is; you must be in MSC mode and I am having an issue with the device seeing teh Playlist names in the playlist selection on the player.

I am working on the playlist issue but the songs are there.

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External Drive Q

Post by NoBS »

Can MM see the E200 external microSD card? I don't have an E200, but the Insignia. They are very similar, so any input would be greatly appreciated.
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Works just fine..

Post by Strych9 »

The e200 and e200R series work great.. they work better in MTP mode or "Plays for Sure" mode if you have the "Rhapsody" version.

The playlists transfer just great in MTP mode... they transfer in MSC mode as well, but you then need to go on your device in the Playlist folder and convert the .mlu playlists to .pla playlists using a free converter....

Easier just to use MTP mode... syncs like a charm..

Only issue I have is my track ratings don't transfer quite how I'd like.. the tag info must be there because the tracks I rate show up in my "highest rated" section on the device.. but the stars don't show up.

I also can't seem to be able to sync back from the device to PC at all in either mode... the checkbox for that option in my autosync options is greyed out...

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