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[MM2-4] Syncing Ratings from/to Sansa/Rockbox

Posted: Tue Apr 03, 2007 1:31 am
by onkel_enno
SansaMonkey is a small Tool to Sync Ratings between a Sandisk Sansa OR Rockbox and MediaMonkey.


tested with:
- Version 1.02.18E Sansa e280
- Version 1.02.165 Sansa e280R

not really tested with mSD-Cards!

Download SansaMonkey
Last update: version history below

Features for the original Firmware:
- show Ratings
- export Ratings to *.csv
- transfer Ratings to MediaMonkey
- import Ratings from MediaMonkey
- create Playlists
- convert m3u-Playlists to pla
- create Playlists for each Rating

Features for the Rockbox Firmware:
- show Ratings
- export Ratings to *.csv
- transfer Ratings to MediaMonkey
- increase Playcounter in MediaMonkey
- import Ratings from MediaMonkey
- convert Album Arts (jpg, ...) to *.bmp (for Album Art Patch)
- transfer Play History to

Vista user should be Administrators but at least Power Users!

old Description:
How it works: The Sansa must be connected in MSC-Mode so that the device gets a Drive Letter and the Program can access the Files.
There is a file \SYSTEM\DATA\PP5000.DAT which contains all Information about the Songs (Artist, Title, Ratings, …). The Programm only reads that file (and PP5000.HDR), it doesn’t write there, so there should be no damage to the Sansa-Database.
You can create Playlists with the Programm, which are saved as .pla in \PLAYLISTS. I only use it for Samplers and Ratings

1. start MediaMonkey
2. connect the Sansa in MSC Mode
3. start ReadSansa.exe
4. The Drive should be selected automatically (if the Drive Label is “Sansa e*”). If not, do that manually.
5. Now you can read the Ratings from the Sansa. They are only shown on the screen. If you want to import them into MediaMonkey too, check “Import in MM”. When Importing, ReadSansa looks for the Artist, Album and Title in the MM-Library to find the corresponding file – so make sure the Tags of the Sansa-Files and the Library-Information matches.

Don’t forget: I have my e280 since last Friday so there might be some bugs. But there should be no damage to the Sansa – I’m only reading in the Database und the Playlist-Creation should be safe too. Nevertheless: Use on own Risk.
I haven’t testet it with Songs on the MicroSD since I don’t have one. If you have one and songs on it, please send me your PP5000.DAT + PP5000.HDR.

Hope it’s usefull for you too.
Expecting Feedback


[07-05-09] Bugfix: Strings with leading or trailing Spaces weren't read correctly
[07-05-16] added some features
[07-06-12] added support for Rhapsody (thanks a lot to Giuseppe Saracino and Bryan Kitts)
[07-06-15] added some Playlist features
[07-06-18] Support for Rockbox-Firmware (should work on other devices too)
[07-07-20] Fixed some Errors in Rockbox-Part
[07-07-20] Added Converting of Album Arts (jpg) to bmp (for Rockbox)
[07-07-28] Added Audioscrobbler-Support and Playcouter
[07-07-29] Added half-Star-Rating for Rockbox
[07-09-08] Support for latest Rockbox Tagcache (0x5443480b)
[07-09-09] Added PlayCounter as Column (for Rockbox)
[07-09-09] Import PlayCounter without Ratings possible
[07-09-10] better (iSproggler Simulation)
[07-09-11] Support for moved database files (FS#7539)
[07-10-11] Added Option to Translate Rockbox
[07-10-12] fixed Bug in Creating Playlist for each Star
[07-10-18] fixed Album Art Resize bug
[07-10-19] added custom Album Art Resolution
[07-12-17] Support for latest Rockbox tagcache (0x5443480c)
[07-12-27] Some small fixes
[09-03-10] Support for latest Rockbox tagcache (0x5443480d)
[09-10-01] fix Problem with Out-of-Memory-Error (changed behavior of deleted Files)
[09-12-14] Added Playcounter Export from MM to Rockbox
[11-01-07] Support for latest Rockbox tagcache (0x5443480e)
[11-03-08] Support for MediaMonkey 4
[11-03-10] added ProgressBar when reading device database
[11-09-06] fixed small bug regarding im- and export of playcounters (rockbox)

EDIT 2017-10-24:
I'm not using my Sansa or Rockbox anymore and am no more active in the forum, but if there's something I can do for SansaMonkey, write me a PM/Mail.

Posted: Mon Apr 09, 2007 1:33 pm
by Guest
Posted by Strych9 on Tue Apr 03, 2007 8:31 am
Can you sync back from the e200 series Sansas back to the PC?

When I go under Sync options for my Sansa e280R, I cannot select the "Sync from device back to PC" option... it's all grey'd out...

It's not available in either Rhaposdy or Plays for Sure mode (MSC/MTP respectively).

Any idea how to sync back to PC or is it not possible with this player?

by Guest on Mon Apr 09, 2007 8:33 pm
I'm a bit stupid with technological jargon, but if you mean synch as in copy songs from the sansa back to the computer, it is possible. I believe in MTP mode made sure all 'hidden files' are shown, then select the music and copy into a directory on your system.

Posted: Wed Apr 11, 2007 7:32 pm
by Strych9
I realize you can manually copy files from the sansa to the PC, but I was wondering if when you perform a "Sync" in MediaMonkey files not on the PC will be Sync'd from the device to the PC.. or if song ratings or files added to the Sansa from another computer will also be "Sync'd"

From the answer I got from MediaMonkey support, I don't think this is possible.. although they stated song ratings should Sync from player to PC.. but I can't get this to work... Others have also stated it's not possible to sync ratings from device to PC...

I can't get ratings to work from PC to Device either actually.. at least not using MM. I hear some have gotten ratings to work using WMP.


Posted: Wed May 02, 2007 6:51 am
by onkel_enno
It's possible to sync the Ratings from the device to the PC. I've written a small Program to create the connection between the Lil Monsta and MediaMonkey. I will have to test it a little more and then I will post the result - if there's still interest.

Syncing the Ratings from MediaMonkey to the Sansa should be possible too, but I'm afraid of writing on the Sansa. We'll see.

I would be

Posted: Thu May 03, 2007 10:29 pm
by Strych9
I'd be interested... :)

Posted: Fri May 04, 2007 3:14 am
by onkel_enno
OK, here it is:

see my initial post!

Posted: Fri May 04, 2007 2:17 pm
by morenu
Worked on my e280 like a charm!!! THANKS!

It fixed a pesky little error that I believe had to do with me rating things on my Sansa and then syncing later. I believe anything I rated got placed on the sansa a second time since they did not match up in files... my available space would keep going down slightly each time I sync'd (depended on length between syncs and how many I ranked.) started at 700mb available, went down as low as 450mb now I am over 900 (I deleted anything I marked at 1 star). WOO HOO! so all the doubles went away plus it deleted the single stars off the sansa that I deleted from my MM library

now if I can just get my pesky 2gb MicroSD to friggin work in MTP mode and get my playlists to be good (waiting till I rate more for them).

Posted: Wed May 09, 2007 2:44 am
by onkel_enno
How do you sync in MTP-Mode? Which Software do you use? Will the Sansa-DB be re-organized then too?

Posted: Wed May 09, 2007 8:20 am
by morenu
hmm... well, I use media monkey 2.5 and I just set my player to USB mode MTP. As far as I can see it has been working fine in this mode. and it does refresh but not sure if it reorganizes..

Not positive if that is what you were asking though...

I am not sure if there is any advantage to either mode. I do not need to be able to drag and drop songs from windows explorer (MSC mode). I will be using MM to organize my library and transfer songs. It syncs my songs fine in MTP mode. I think you have to manage your folders better than I do if you use MSC mode, but I may be wrong.

the only 3 issues I have found in using MTP mode:

1) MM does not see the SD card, I must put it in MSC mode to transfer info to it then back and I can not sync it obviously. (I put audio books on there anyway).

2) before I used your program, If I rated a song using my Sansa, then sync'd it, MM would not transfer the rating from the player and it would also put a new copy of the song onto my player (a duplicate, I assume since the song on my player had been changed from what MM had in its library). As soon as I stated using your program, that stopped happening AND the first time I sync'd after using it, MM also removed all the duplicates. so this is no longer a real issue.

3) the fix for number 2 made one more annoyance though. I now have to do the following 11 step list just to get my ratings over to MM & sync:

1) change to MSC
2) open MM
3) plug in Sansa
4) run readsansa
5) import
6) detach Sansa
7) wait for reboot
8 ) wait for the database to refresh fully (1 minute or so)
9) change to MTP
10) plug in
10a.) *I then delete any songs with a 1 star rating*
11) sync with MM

If readsansa could do the same thing in MTP mode instead, it would take that process down to a normal number (about 6 steps).

#3 is NOT a complaint! I am just happy I can do it now :) I just wish MM would implement it. I will buy gold version if E200 Sansas are fully supported (IOW if those 3 issues are fixed). With the new wireless Sansa out I would think MM would Jump at getting that customer base.

I do get an error importing from readsansa with the old version (I will try the new version when I get home). If I still get it, I am more than willing to send you a copy of whatever you want to look at.

By the way, THANK YOU so much for writing this program. Hope you were ok with me linking to this post from the ABI site. and BTW, do you know how many copies of the program were downloaded?

Posted: Wed May 09, 2007 8:45 am
by onkel_enno
No, I don't know how much it was downloaded, and I don't care as long as I could help a handful of people (and myself) 8)

With the "new" Version, you can sort the List you get from the Sansa and delete single Files. So you could manually select all 1 star songs and delete them immediately. Maybe that helps you to shorten your to-do-List :D

If you have any further suggestions or errors, let me know.


BTW I sync my Files with MM2.5 too, but in MSC Mode. MTP doesn't work for me (don't know why) but I'm satisfied how it workes and MM3 will be even better (Keyword: folder.jpg)

Posted: Wed May 09, 2007 9:28 am
by morenu
did you install the sansa supplied 1.3 cd? I do not think my MTP mode worked until then. I actually can see all my folders in windows explorer but no drive letter, it is just a USB device. I have not decided yet if I want to clear my sansa and try the MSC mode a bit to see if I like it.

well if I can sort and delete in readsansa, it may make it easier. But if I delete it in readsansa, does it remove the file from my player?

I will probably still use MM to delete though since I want the song removed from my harddrive as well.

I will try the new version tonight.

MTP support would be the only thing that would be nice for me. but certainly do not want you to stress over it. What you made is awesome and I do not mind the few extra steps :)

Thanks again

Posted: Wed May 09, 2007 10:14 am
by onkel_enno
morenu wrote:But if I delete it in readsansa, does it remove the file from my player?
Yes, it only deletes the files from the Player.

hmm, MTP-Support would be really nice, but at the Moment it seems to be over my skills :(

I'll try to sync via MTP, might be that I havent used the CD yet.
But if the Sansa-DB will be reorganized too, then it doesn't have any advantage for me. I'll have a look. Thx

BTW: I never delete songs from my harddisc :wink:

Posted: Sun May 13, 2007 5:35 am
by Guest
Love MM, Love my Sansa.

And now I love this program. It gives me one of the features I always want.


Posted: Tue May 15, 2007 6:18 pm
by BryanKitts
ReadSansa looks very interesting, although I can't get my Sansa drive in the listbox (it only lists E to G and my Sansa loads up as S). Does ReadSansa only display drives up to the first 'missing' one?



Posted: Tue May 15, 2007 9:08 pm
by morenu
Are you hooking your sansa up in MSC mode BEFORE opening Readsansa?

it will not see them if you hook it up after you open it