Zen vision album art problems

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Zen vision album art problems

Post by iiCe.PriinCess »

ok I just bought a zen about 2 weeks ago and i love it, and after being frustrated with the program the zen came with, i discovered monkey media which is a excellent program, but heres my problem.

I went through the process of fixing up ALL my music on my comp, filled in all the albums, titles, and album covers, and i have my zen synced with monkey media, BUT i doing the synchronization manually, as in i right click my zen icon on MM menu and hit "auto-syncronize". ok now for the problem, in my MM library, all the album cover for all my songs show, but when i play the music on my zen, some songs DO NOT have album covers, and i checked and the covers arent in my pictures folder in my zen, is there a way to fix this problem, cuz all the other programs suck for the zen. the album covers arent a big deal but it just bothers me sooo much to the point where i go and look at my zen everytime a song plays to see if the album cover is showing

oh yea i did a search on this forum for this topic and like a million and one topics came up that had nothing to do with this issue

same problem

Post by countchocolate »

me too.
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problem solved

Post by BuumeRaeng »

I Had the same problem before. It seems that the Zen doesn't like loads of data. I also recognized that the Zen creates duplicates if you synchronize manually via drag&drop.

use the function CTRL S often, so you're sure that the data in the library is saved in the tags. (Extras/Advanced Tag../synchronize Tags) maybe this is also not working with the whole library (7700songs,in mylibrary)

I did the following steps:

1. create automatically playlists to split your loads of music into parts (I made a auto-playlist for each genre)

2. use the auto synchronisation. if you use manually synchronization via drag&drop it's possible that ZEN creates duplicates.

3. choose in the synchronization options just a few of your genre-playlists and synchronize step by step. than you can check if every cover is on the ZEN. it should be. after hours of testing and loading the library again and again it has worked:)
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Post by Adrian_Anansi »

I'm having this problem too..... it seems like MM would have ability to see the difference between the art tracks and the artless tracks...maybe the snychronization processes can be revamped?

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I read on Creative's forums that a file called "folder.jpg" that is in the same directory as the mp3's will be used as the cover art. A few key things:

*Album art files should be no larger than 50k

*Album art is loaded by "Album" ID3 tag field only. That means if you have albums with the exact same "Album" tag (i.e. Greatest Hits) only one picture will be shown for all of them.

*Setting the "hidden" attribute for all the album art pictures will prevent them from showing up in your photo album.

Post by Radiant »

*Also, that means you need to have your files structured by album folders, which is no big deal if you're using MediaMonkey, the best audio library software in the world. ;)
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Post by Scimbris »

The Zen Vision should be able to show embedded album art.

Did you make sure that you checked "Embed image into tag (if possible)" in the Amazon tagging window?
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