how to sync with iPhone?

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how to sync with iPhone?

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Does MM work with the iPhone? When connected, I see a "What would you like to do?" dialog that includes "Synchronize files on this device using Media Monkey". Clicking OK launches MM, but MM doesn't see the device. I've checked that the various iPod and other devices are enabled in the Options panel for devices. But no iPhone appears.

Back to iTunes? Yuk. iTunes still can't monitor a folder for changes and automatically add new music encoded with an outside ripper such as EAC and LAME.
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I don't have iPhone for testing yet, but you can try to do what's described in this post: ... 9737#59737 , i.e. send me USB ID of iPhone and its internal DB files and I'll check out whether we could add support for iPhone soon.


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Although all the generic device was checkmarked in the preferences for audio devices, the iPhone does not show up in MM. When the iPhone is first connected, a dialog pops up that includes MM, but clicking OK doesn't cause any change in MM. No device appears in any list in the left panel of MM.

Something else to try?
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hold ya dang hoss's the iphoey just got out last week.

the part's used to make it are not even known yet.
how can you expect any third part programmers to have
their programs working with it when apple keeps their system
codes stuffed up their apple. :)
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It seems that a possible solution, and perhaps one you already tried, would be to configure the iPhone as an iPod. It seems most likely this is what Apple would model the phone after since it uses iTunes...

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jiri wrote:I don't have iPhone for testing yet, but you can try to do what's described in this post: ... 9737#59737 , i.e. send me USB ID of iPhone and its internal DB files and I'll check out whether we could add support for iPhone soon.
I tired this but it tells me "No device found" when I try the "Find Device" option.

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I also get the same result when I click "Find Device." It says no device found. It would be really great to get MM to work with the iPhone. It is 100 times better than iTunes.

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I talked with Jiri somewhat via email over the past week or so which I believe is one of the main developers for MM.

The main problem is that the iPhone file system is very locked down. Someone correct me if I am wrong, but MM normally just uses the operating systems interface to copy a file on your computer to a folder on an iPod (while doing a few conversions along the way and copying album art). The problem is that there isn't an easy way to access the iPhone's file system to easily copy files to the iPhone because the interface used is only available to select iTunes/iPhone software. Thats why you can't easily put custom ringtones on it, you can't use it as a usb jump drive, etc.

After reading up on some other projects, significant progress has been made into unlocking access to the iPhone file system. However, the difficulties don't end there. Not only is it hard to access anything on the iPhone, its file structures (from what I have read) are very different from an iPod. It won't be a simple fix of "unlock the iPhone" and "act like it is an iPod for syncing in MM". It stores music in different directories, has different album art dimensions, and isn't even recognized by most operating system level programming tools.

I also haven't researched the legality of unlocking an iPhone so that you can use the file system. Unlocking the iPhone file system essentially involves replacing sections of software on the device to allow for the added access. The software used to do this is purely developmental and is not guaranteed to work with future firmware upgrades. It may be against the terms of use for the iPhone. If it is illegal, "official" support by MM may never happen unless Apple freely unlocks all features of the phone which isn't likely to happen. Unofficial support by developer's and following instructions on 3rd party sites may make MM support for the iPhone an option in the future. It is quite a few steps away though. (Keep in mind, they unlocked the file system of the iPhone in under 20 days though so it might not be that far off).

It did seem like that I was the first developer to contact Jiri to provide support on making MM work with the iPhone - not a good sign since I have little to no experience developing this type of application (I do lots of web based and Java stuff, a little C/C++). There are teams of people looking to unlock the iPhone. The hold up may end up being integration with MM since the main developers don't have access to an iPhone for testing at this time.

I would greatly encourage anyone that might be able to help with integration to offer support. I will continue to post more information on this thread as I find it.

Post by Matt » ... n-windows/

That provides a tool for accessing the iPhone file system via Windows. It is called iPhoneInterface. After copying my \Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\iTunesMobileDevice.dll file to the directory of the iPhoneInterface windows executable, I was able to relatively easily get a basic shell to browse the contents of my iPhone. No software change on my iPhone required. This gives read access (but not write which would be needed for syncing) I believe.

I haven't tried the jailbreak yet which would provide write access. I'll let you know what I find.

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The USB ID and vendor ID of the iPhone are as follows:
ProductID: 4752
VendorID: 1452

This info was found here: ... ware_Facts

Depending on which version of the iPhoneInterface I use (which is basically a VERY simple shell for accessing the iPhone), I get different file structures.
Using an earlier version, I get something similar to this:
.... mores files in the artwork folder ....
... more files in the F00 folder ...
... more directories similar to F00 (F01, F02, etc) all with .mp3 files in them ...

Correct me if I am wrong, but that is very similar to an iPod structure with the exception that it starts in /iTunes_Control/ instead of /iPod_Control/?

Some things that I would guess look new to the iPhone (again, I don't have an iPod to test with):

In the newer version of iPhoneInterface, I get the same structure, but it is located here:

Sounds like the more recent version just has access to a little more of the file system.

I think the above info is enough about the file system. However, for more info on the file system structure, visit ... ectoryList

I'm still trying to locate more info about the iPhone that would be helpful to developers before I actually start to work with any MM plugin code. I am hoping that if I find enough info for the MM developers that making the changes to MM won't be too hard for them.

You may also find these APIs helpful:
They are (as stated on the site) "incomplete" and to be used "at your own risk".

I still haven't found a nice easy tool that will allow the Windows operating system to access these file structures - just the iPhoneInterface (a simple c++ program). If the developers would find the source of this program helpful, I have the source for the earlier version. Please let me know if you would like a copy.

I have found that the developers of the iPhone tools listed are being careful not to break any laws. There was a law passed in the US that allows the unlocking of cell phones - so no problems here. Also, because they use the .dll that Apple provides with iTunes and are not distributing it, no copyright laws have been broken either. Sounds like this may end up being a perfectly legal way to interface MM with an iPhone should these tools work and/or the people developing them come out with later versions.

I tested this out with their example of putting a custom ringtone on the iPhone which really took me a half an hour at most just because I had to wait for a 90MB file from Apple to finish downloading. Once the software is setup on the phone, I can freely move files to/from it with ease - all it takes is issuing the command.

After running the tools, I can still use the phone through iTunes with no problems. The changes made to the phone's software are also reversible. Basically, you completely reset the phone and tell iTunes to download everything to the phone again.
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Anyone know if this works?

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iphonedrive still doesn't allow you to sync with MM

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Has anyone looked at iphonefs for windows?

"Mount any iPhone as a Windows Drive - jailbroken or not"
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iPhone support

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Okay, now there are 1 million iPhones out there. And I have one, too. I'm a long time user of MM and don't want to give it up. I was using MM before there was any device synchronization and kept pleading for it. I said at the time MM might not survive without it. Now we need iPhone support. I know it is early, but like it or not this thing has set the bar that much higher for these types of devices and there are going to be millions more iPhones out there.

An iPhone Media Monkey die hard user.

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has there been any progress made since these last few posts? I downloded MM yesterday and my iphone shows up as a device. I haven't tried syncing yet cause I don't want to lose all my data on the iphone, but also because it appears MM has no support for anything other than syncing music at this time - and it does it in the same fashion as itunes (nearly).
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