Filter Not Working with Auto-Sync List

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Filter Not Working with Auto-Sync List

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A- I am using the latest version of MM3

B - I have 3 types of music files: (1) Lossless files ripped from CDs I own, (2) lossy files purchased online (mostly MP3) and (3) Lossy (MP3) versions of my lossless files - those in #1 above.

C - I sync the lossless (#1) and lossy (#3) libraries using the filter feature in MM3. I am using the USB Mass plug-in to keep copies of lossless and lossy files in sync. I am using a filter in the Auto-Sync list so that only my lossless files are synced to the lossy folder.

Problem: The problem I'm having is that the filter does not seem to be working within the Auto-Sync list (it works fine in the main MM3 window). The lossy purchased files (#2) are being copied over to the lossy archive files (#3). they shouldn't be because these lossy files are excluded from the filter. They are not showing up in the Auto-Sync list but they are still being copied.