Archos 605, SpiralFrog DRMs, and MM3

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Archos 605, SpiralFrog DRMs, and MM3

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I purchased a new Archos 605 and love the thing. :D There's a bit of a learning curve in terms of synchronizing music and playlists, but MM has made things a LOT easier. :D :D

I'm very glad I found you through the posts on an Archos forum.

Question: I know that MM synchs DRM protected files to devices such as my 605, complete with all the licenses and whatever. But, will MM synch the "renewable" kind of licenses from Because if it will, I can once again abandon that abomination known as Windows Media Player. :P (I tried it again after getting the 605... no, thank you... unless I absolutely have to! :x )

Not NEARLY as important, but does anyone know... when synching such "renewable" licenses, is it only a fresh license that gets transferred? That would certainly be fast, I would think. Or are the songs themselves transferred again? Are the licenses a package deal like ID3 tags and album art being attached to an MP3 file? How, then, do you prevent duplicates? Just curious how that works...

Thanks in advance!!

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Re: Archos 605, SpiralFrog DRMs, and MM3

Post by Hillshum » far I have not been able to my spiralfrog music to sync. I am a MM noob however, and may just have not figured out how
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