Android Music Stats Sync (Ratings, Playcounts etc)

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Re: Android Music Stats Sync (Ratings, Playcounts etc)

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ACraigL wrote:I actually found a kind of flaw with this. Because my music library, even my playlist, is too large for my SD card (I also keep video on there), I use a smart playlist that limits the tracks to 12GB of random songs. The sync-back logic only works for songs on an active, or last synced playlist.

Since the smart playlist re-randomizes every load, the songs on the device are not necessarily, and in fact often not, the same songs in the smart playlist. As a result, the sync-back does not always occur.

I wonder if there cpuld be a way to choose a sync-back playlist (i.e. the whole library) instead of the device playlist to cover this use case.
I've managed to work around this "flaw" by creating a static playlist from the dynamic one... kind of a cut-and-paste thing. Not ideal but gets the job done. Agree with the last poster -- the meta information should be able to be read/imported. We're scanning the device contents anyway...
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Re: Android Music Stats Sync (Ratings, Playcounts etc)

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Aff wrote:As a workaround MM should be able to read, compare and sync back only the file tags (from usb mass storage), not the entire file!
I've created a script to sync back ratings in the meantime: ... 88#p308062
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