syncing since 4.0.6 update

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syncing since 4.0.6 update

Post by pomozki »

I'd given up on syncing with MM (too slow + unreliable). Then it was claimed the 4.0.6 MM update improved things so I gave it a try
Good news: it synced all 212 songs in my playlist (it always used to skip songs for no apparent reason)
Not-so-good news: the playlist report I exported to Excel came out in a different order from the songs. This will make life a little difficult for me.

Anyone else had that problem, of reports not appearng in the same order as the playlist?
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Re: syncing since 4.0.6 update

Post by Lowlander »

How/what did you sync? Was the selected file list for the Excel Export in the correct order in MediaMonkey?
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