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How to report a device synchronization bug

Posted: Sun Jan 01, 2006 1:07 am
by rusty
We've tested a fair number of devices in-house, however, there are some device/OS combinations which we've been unable to test. If you are having a problem that you think is a bug, please provide the following information in order to help us solve it:

a) Please send a debug log that shows the transfer and illustrates the bug on a device with as few tracks as possible (see step 4 at: ).

b) For an iPod, please also send the \iPod_Control\iTunes\iTunesDB and iPod_Control\Device\SysInfo files

c) For an MTP device, please also use the following tool to generate information about the device's internal structure that'll help us determine the root of device incompatibility issues:

To use the tool, save it to the /Program Files/MediaMonkey directory and run it after connecting your device. It'll generate a log that is saved to C:\MMLog.txt.

This information will help us resolve any compatibility issues as quickly as possible. Thanks for all your help!