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Post by Verena »

I have trouble synching or adding files to my ipod nano. I ran the update of apple, which didn't work....everything froze, I restarted and since then iTunes doesn't even recognzize the ipod anymore.
I followed all Apple troubleshooting steps (de/reinstalling ect.....) nothing helsp.
That's how I found MM and I would like to switch to the "fabulous" MediaMonkey. But there is a PROBLEM:
MM recognizes the ipod and can display the directory of the portable device, but fails to synch or add simply freezes.

Please, can anyone help????

I am extremly thankfull for any suggestions...
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Post by onkel_enno »

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If anyone has a solution for verena, post here: ... highlight=
SansaMonkey - for SanDisk Sansa and Rockbox Users

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Post by Freexe »

Works fine with my Samsung YP-U1

Post by rojer »

Archos Gemini 200 : np
MPMAN MP-F57: perfect. 51é mb needs recompression for heavy bitrate files

Post by Spartan.ii.117 »

INOi MP3 Hard Drive synchronises songs fine but can not update the device or transfer playlists.
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Sandisk m250

Post by matts2 »

MM knows that I have this device, but it does not do anything when I ask it to synchronize. I can see the device, with the proper name. I can see the contents (files I hand copied in windows explorer). But no files are copied by MM.
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Sansa problem

Post by rusty »

As discussed with Matt, the Sansa works, it just doesn't seem to support subdirectories. i.e. it expects all music in the root directory. A destination mask of <Artist>-<Title> would work.

Sync. Iriver H300

Post by spacefraser »

Can you please inform me if MM wil synch. with the Iriver H300.
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Post by dbarona »

Creative Muvo N200 1GB synchronizes fine as long as you put everything in no more than 10-15 folders. I use a <Artist@3>\<Artist> - <Title> structure and it works perfectly!

iriver H10 6GB

Post by DaveC »

Before I download MM ... anyone tried it with the iRiver H10 5GB or 6GB?
(MTP or UMS)


Post by Guest »

With the "synch correctly" I've read the manual and web page and can't figure to what level USB/Mass Storage players synch. Is it two way sycnch (do you get a play count off of them)? Or is the synch one way?
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Post by Steegy »

Before I download MM ... anyone tried it with the iRiver H10 5GB or 6GB?
(MTP or UMS)

This should work just fine. I've used it occasionally with an iRiver H10 5GB Color+Radio.
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Zen Micro photo

Post by Grumps »

Does MM support the Creative Zen Micro Photo? Have seen other requests elsewhere within this forum but no reply listed. I was about to go for Gold but.... :-?
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Post by MCSmarties »

Cowon (iAudio) A2 works perfectly (UMS device).
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Post by Tankred »

The iPod nano 2nd Generation isn't synchronized correctly. Maybe you want to adjust the initial post.

EDIT: now it's working, thanks to jiri.
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