Devices known to synch correctly

Get answers about syncing the current release of MediaMonkey with iPods and other devices.

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2nd Gen Shuffle

Post by rusty »

I haven't tried the 2nd Gen Shuffle, however, other users have indicated that it works correctly.

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Post by skst »

Thank you! I've since bought and tried the 2d gen Shuffle, and it works fine for me. :)
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Palm / Pocket Tunes 4

Post by ALeX »

Among the MTP devices that work just right I can tell my Palm Treo 600 / Pocket Tunes 4.0.1. setup does.

Previously, with version 3 I used plain USB and it did the trick. But as of v4, Pocket Tunes can use MTP and gets it just right! Now I have album art and a nice "iPod-like" song browser (you know: Artist > Album > Track and so on) with all the metadata in place, and using no extra software in my Palm (Most Palms need extra software to behave as an USB drive).

I asume all Palms (compatible with Pocket Tunes, that is) should work.

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Post by Guest »

Rio Carbon works perfectly.
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Creative Zen V works perfectly

Post by Kos »

Synchronized last night - works perfectly. Even my album art came through.

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Tom Williams
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Post by Tom Williams »

MM does not synch correctly with the Creative Zen Vision:M.

Playlists created in MM are transferred to the player as .m3u files, but the player doesn't recognize them. It seems to only recognize .zpl playlists which are created on the player itself, or in the Creative software.

Re: Devices known to synch correctly

Post by Guest »

rusty wrote:This is a list of devices that are known to be compatible with MediaMonkey. If you are aware of another compatible device, please indicate the name of the device, what type of device it is, and any special configuration notes for synchronization with MM.

-iPod (including 5th Generation)
-iPod Mini
-iPod Photo
-iPod Shuffle
-iPod Nano

MTP / 'Plays for Sure' Devices
-Archos Gemini 200
-Dell DJ (mostly works--need logs to debug playlist problem)
-iRiver iFP-8xx, iFP-9xx
-iRiver PMC-120
-iRiver H10 ('Plays for Sure' firmware)
-Philips HDD6320 (partial support--need logs to debug)
-Toshiba Gigabeat (works but firmware bug limits synch speed)
-Zen xtra ('Plays for Sure' firmware update)
-Zen Micro (2.20.05 firmware)
-Zen Neeon
-Zen Sleek
-Zen Touch (with 'Plays for Sure' MTP firmware update)
-Zen Vision, Vision:M (MediaMonkey 2.5.2 solves Album Art issues)

USB Mass Storage Devices
-Audiovox SMP3-xxx
-Finis SwiMP3
-iAudio X5
-iRiver N-xx
-iRiver PMP-1xx
-iRiver H10
-Lyra 2780 (must synch to /Audio/... directory)
-MPMan MP-F57
-Sandisk Sansa (must synch to root e.g <Artist>-<Title>)
-Samsung YP-U1
-Zen Nano
note: all USB Mass Storage Devices should work with MM. The above is just a list of those that have been tested.

-iRiver H120/H320/H340

-Sony Ericsson W800i, W600
-Any phone that's a USB Mass Storage device
-Any phone with MTP support should work, though memory add-in cards may not be accessible.

-Sony devices that require Sonic Stage to synch (i.e. they can't sync via Explorer or Windows Media Player).
-Older Creative Labs devices that use proprietary drivers and don't have updated 'Plays for Sure' firmware.
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Post by Peke »

@Tom Williams
Copy of .ZPL could be helpful to determine how to make it work and you can send smal one with several files in to Mm support for checking.

Re PALM: Confirmed that all devices that Uses pTunes work also for older PALM devices and pTunes <4 use of CardReader 1.04 for palm solves the problem and even can make playlists as pTunes uses and reads M3U save in its dedicated folder.
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Samsung yh-920 , yh-925

Post by lukamus »

guest wrote:does mediamonkey device also work with samsung mp3 harddisk?
(Samsung yh-920 , yh-925)
yes the do work 8)

Post by necrodeth »

does MM work with insignia players?

Non-MTP firmware for Samsung YP-K5

Post by Nacron »

Media Monkey is a great app. I have installed the latest korean firmware for my YP-K5 and it will not read m3u playlists, only SPL. With the latest korean firmware, there is no ID3 tag sorting, so it just has a folder view with the music instead of a category of album, artist, genre, etc...

Question is, is there any script out there to automatically change the playlist to a SPL file? This is an example of one:

\MUSIC\[Sneaker Pimps] 6 Underground.mp3
\MUSIC\[Zero 7] Destiny.mp3
\MUSIC\[Thirteen Senses] Do No Wrong.mp3
\MUSIC\[Zero 7] In The Waiting Line.mp3
\MUSIC\[Thirteen Senses] Into The Fire.mp3
\MUSIC\[Ben Harper] Morning Yearning.mp3
\MUSIC\[Sigur Ros] Saeglópur.mp3
\MUSIC\[Thirteen Senses] The Salt Wound Routine.mp3
\MUSIC\[Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman] Time To Say Goodbye.mp3

It looks like M3U playlists could be modified for the player to read it...but I'm looking for something automated, and not having to edit the playlist after syncing.
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sansa issues

Post by coppertop222 »

Well I have read this thread and feel I must post a question or two of my own!

I tried to use the snyc button on MM and it didn't recognize my sansa e280 player. Couldn't figure out how to manipulate it to find it either.

I then tried multiple different ways of getting the playlist to copy over. I can add tracks by utilizing the send to function but would love to be able to update everything with a few steps not manually adding each track

Yes I have the latest firm ware and I am running media monkey
any help is appreciated!
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Post by onkel_enno »

I will get my e280 today (if amazon is fast as always). Maybe I can tell you more in a few days.
In the meantime you could update to MM2.5.5 :wink:

I tried to use the snyc button on MM and it didn't recognize my sansa e280 player. Couldn't figure out how to manipulate it to find it either.
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Post by blade »

Hey, I know that mediamonkey doesnt work with the sony a800 etc which use sonicstage, but does anyone know when it will...?? I'm hopin that someone's lookin for a way...
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Post by letsgoaz »

does the SanDisk Sansa® e200 Series MP3 Players organize music into different folders like Artist>Album>Song? And does the SanDisk Sansa® e200 Series MP3 Players display album art?
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