Restoring library + metadata from ipod

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Restoring library + metadata from ipod

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My hard drive crashed and I lost all my data. I had previously backed up both my iTunes and MM library files so I have that to work with.

I want to know if I use something like iPod Access to copy my music back to my computer, if it will be possible to restore my metadata. I am mostly wanting my date added, play count, and ratings to be restored. I know the date added will probably be the most difficult. I have a script for MM that maps the file's date created field in Windows to the date added field in MM, but I don't know if that information is retained on an iPod? I have a large library so my biggest concern is that if I restore my music, it will be renamed differently and my library backups won't be able to find the files easily.

Any guidance would be appreciated!
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Re: Restoring library + metadata from ipod

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You can copy files back from iPod: ... rticleid=3 I doubt you'll have any luck with Added and Play History data.
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