playlists are changed during sync

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playlists are changed during sync

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suggestions for my sync issues? MMW gold; Windows 7; itunes ; MMA on Galaxy S5 Kitkat
1. itunes playlists imported on MMW; but with multiple copies of each playlist; each with different number of tracks; which eventually become totally empty after syncing with MMA. Plus, the playlists on itunes have lost all their songs.
2. syncing MMA, only 1100 tracks of total 6300 get synced.
3. the playlists synced bidirectionally lose tracks, some to become completely empty. I selected setting to deleted playlists from phone, thinking they would be replaced during sync from MMW and I wanted to avoid duplicate tracks. but i'm losing tracks.
4. syncing with my tablet Samsung Tab S has appeared to work flawlessly; at least i get 6300 tracks on the Tab.
any suggestions on how i can correct sync; and also restore itunes playlists to both MM and iTunes? I guess I can reinstall iTunes; but how can I get my original playlists back?