iPod slow since loading files(NOT slow sync)

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iPod slow since loading files(NOT slow sync)

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So I started using MediaMonkey last week. Everything looks good, I figured out how to clean up my albums, album art, etc... Wonderful program, glad to get rid of iTunes.

With the iPod, I decided to delete all of my music files and re-add them with MM, so everything was working together. Since adding my files with MM, my iPod is slow. Every click is a 5-7 second pause, long enough that you aren't sure if you really clicked on it. The music is all there, but menu selection is slow. This has never happened before, and it was happening from the first time I loaded the music with MM, so I know that it is related somehow, but I can't figure out how it would be. It's an iPod Touch, so it is solid state, no traditional hard drive, so fragmentation shouldn't be an issue.

Has anyone else seen this? I see people with slow sync issues, but haven't seen one like this.